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clara eva design anarchy

Become the agency that inspires you. Become the agency that inspires others.


Whether you’re brand new to business or established and ready to grow to a higher level, both personally and financially.

Why is our CREATIVE CAMP life-changing?

If you are tired of your day to day work and are thinking of a career change, or if you run an agency that is stalling and cannot reach your goals, or even if you wish to target and inspire a new clientele and make your job more satisfactory, fun and profitable, then this is the answer to your calls.

This course teaches you the importance of creativity, it helps you find your own and it empowers you to build or revamp a brand, to make it unique and to offer a service that will be memorable and captivating.


Have you ever thought that you are not a creative person and thus dismissed this topic when somebody raised it? Well, we can tell you that is essentially incorrect and we can prove you wrong. We are all creative individuals as creativity is all about lateral thinking and problem solving. By focusing on the right techniques you will discover your inner vision, you will develop your fantasy and will learn to apply it to your daily life and work.


Creativity is not about being colourful or extravagant and it’s not just related to art, creativity is instead about finding your own self, listen to it, follow your instinct and find the courage to express it. Find your idea, live it in full and influence others through it.
Creativity is the essence of any business in a market that is saturated with thousands of vendors that compete on pricing.
Differentiation is the key to success and only a service that is individually unique can win.



The duo behind DESIGN ANARCHY, Eva Zoe Trevisan & Clara Isabella Boatto, have worked in the private events sector for more than a decade, founding and bringing to success two event production companies specialised in private celebrations in Italy and beyond for a worldwide clientele. They have visited hundreds of venues, from castles to countryhouses passing through private villas, lighthouses, chalets, boutique hotels and luxury resorts. They know the ins and outs of the events hospitality business and together with their creative team, they have assisted myriads of clients based in all continents and with different backgrounds, cultures and needs. In addition to heading the event production team, they also teach, coach, speak, and consult in styling for private brands and properties that want to make a statement in the world of private celebrations.


Our CAMP is a fully interactive training that lasts 1 MONTH.

  • The training is released in weekly modules inside a private CREATIVE ANARCHY CAMP member site with a mix of recorded easy to follow videos + LIVE group lectures with Clara & Eva providing strategic insight + practical worksheets, which we will review and feedback on in real-time.
  • We have also included a final PRIVATE digital coaching session with us to ensure participants can clear any doubts and asks any questions related to their own specific business in private.
  • This is an admission based Training, which will be fulfilled by application only and applications close before the start date and/or when all places are filled.
  • Approved applicants will be notified on an on-going basis and will be required to complete the sign-up within one week to secure their place.
  • The next course will start on February 15th 2021 and it will be carried out only ONCE per year.


  • Full course: English
  • If requested by a minimum number of participants, the LIVE sessions and the practical worksheets can also be carried out in Italian (please do consider that English is the language of the international creative community and everyone should learn to be comfortable in applying it daily to their work to take it to a higher level).

Format in details

  • More than 20hrs of recorded videos accessible through a link to a dedicated private member site that will be yours for life to re-watch when needed +
  • Regular practical worksheets to learn by doing, which will be reviewed by us in real time
  • Dedicate resources that will help your business
  • 4 LIVE digital group sessions with Clara & Eva +
  • 1 final PRIVATE digital coaching session with Clara & Eva +
  • Continuous access to the private CREATIVE ANARCHY CAMP community to support your business and your creativity +
  • Final certification of attendance for those that require it for their CV

Content in details


INTRODUCTION – Live session + Q&A

  1. Why creativity is important for your brand. Learn to follow your gut feeling.


  1. How to boost your creativity/intuition
  2. How to expand clients creativity
  3. Sources of inspiration for you and your team: from Pinterest to…


  1. Learn to be unique
  2. Use your own creativity for marketing (website wording and pictures, documents, presentations)
  3. How to be creative on social media
  4. The ins and outs of a profitable photo-shoot
  5. Build a strong brand through creativity



Event Concept Content:

  1. Develop an event concept at 360 degrees to grab the attention of all 5 senses – Live Session + Q&A
  1. How to define a creative brief
  2. Choose your hero element
  3. Create a captivating colour palette through the use of alternative media/materials/elements
  4. Make the most of the property, localization
  5. Introduce the event – the teaser
  6. Ambience through lighting & music
  7. The importance of entertainment
  8. Food and beverage direct the show
  9. Dressing your venue: floral and others
  10. Tablescaping: the focus of the eye
  11. Detailing overall
  12. Don’t forget the dress code – staff and guests


Event Concept Presentation:

  1. The magic of storytelling through images, videos, drawing and wording
  2. Present a stellar comprehensive event concept: look, font, photos
  3. Budgeting – make the most of the investment and present it clearly with the aid of useful techniques


CONVINCE YOUR CLIENTS – live session + Q&A

  1. The power of persuasion: convince your clients to marry your ideas and accept your suggestions


  1. Outsource the right talents: how and where to find them
  2. Manage your creative partners
  3. All about styling on the day, use your instinct on site


  1. Past and future trends
  2. How to discover and set trends


THE EXPERTS’ TIPS – guests sessions

  1. Why photography is crucial
  2. Don’t forget the video
  3. Think flowers, seasonality
  4. Paper, ink and ideas: the stationary sets the scene
  5. Recycle and rent
  6. An event should be fun: artists and entertainers
  7. Sketching and drawings
  8. Be creative with food & drink
  9. Music overall

FINAL Q&A’s – Live session


PRACTICAL EXERCISES to be delivered throughout the training.

  1. Exercise 1: Overcome a creativity block, fill your blank canvas
  2. Exercise 2: Define the creative element of your brand
  3. Exercise 3: Create your moodboard with mix media/real life materials and objects
  4. Exercise 4: Develop your own event design concept presentation
  5. Exercise 5: Craft your own event concept budget
  6. Exercise 6: Sketching

To recap, this is what you will get:


1RECORDED TRAINING for each module (these will be recorded, with unlimited access so that you can view them again whenever needed and can follow the course at your own pace)


2LIVE GROUP LECTURES – We will be hosting one LIVE session per week to give you direct access to our personal and professional experience and insight and to compare notes and creative input with the group.


3MEMBERS ONLY CREATIVE ANARCHY CAMP COMMUNITY – You will be invited to join the CAMP private community where you can message us with any queries you might have and exchange thoughts with other creatives during the course and in the future. A safe space where you can come wherever needed to support your business.


4PRIVATE DIGITAL SESSION WITH US – Once you terminate the course at your own pace, we will schedule a private digital coaching session with each one of you to discuss your individual doubts and ensure you make the most of the learning and get ready to rock.


5REGULAR TRENDS UPDATE – We will distribute our trends update twice per year so that you will always benefit from our experience and insight.


6ACCESS TO OUR BLACK BOOK of selective creative vendors in Italy and Europe to match different needs and level of experience.


7REAL TIME REVIEW OF THE PRACTICAL WORKSHEETS assigned during the course. So that you can send us your work and we will review it with our suggestions and comments to ensure you improve your skills along the way and learn with practice.


8FINAL CREATIVE CAMP CERTIFICATION upon proof of completion of the full course and successful results in the assessment of the practical worksheets

How to apply:

  • The CAMP is very interactive and our aim is to ensure that every participant receives the highest level of attention to truly benefit from the programme and the relevant practice.
  • To achieve this purpose, prospective participants are given the possibility to submit their application until the course starts or until places for our live sessions are filled. We will review applications on an on-going basis as they come in and will liaise with applicants to ensure this training is the right match for them.
  • Only if we feel that you can truly benefit from it, we will encourage you to sign up.
  • Following this process, applicants that we feel are aligned with the purpose of the CAMP will be given the opportunity to sign up.
  • Since the CAMP includes a mix of recorded and LIVE sessions, it will be made available on a specific date for all the participants, only once this year.
  • This way, our live sessions will function as an intimate classroom where you will be able to share your thoughts as well as positive energy and inspiration with your fellow attendees.
  • Whereas the recorded sessions will give you the opportunity to study at your own pace and watch them as many times as you need.

Starting date:

The CAMP will start for everyone on FEBRUARY 15th, 2021. At an average pace, we estimate that you will need 1 month to finish the course and have scheduled LIVE sessions once per week.

Who shall attend:

  • Those who wish to start a creative event planning or event designing brand/agency
  • Young agencies who want to boost their creative abilities and their brand
  • Established agencies or designers who want to refresh their portfolio and target a new clientele
  • Event property coordinators who wish to improve their event designing skills
  • Anybody with a hobby to create or decorate celebrations, being them dinner parties, social gatherings or…
  • Event agencies who want to reposition themselves
  • Travel and media agencies who want to grow their business through events and celebrations





When you apply and sign up following successful admission by December 15th 2020.

*20% VAT will be added to the invoice unless you’re based outside of the EU or if you are a company located outside of the UK.




When you apply and sign up following successful admission by January 15th 2021.

*20% VAT will be added to the invoice unless you’re based outside of the EU or if you are a company located outside of the UK.




Each to be paid when you sign up, on January 15th 2021 and on February 15th 2021.

*20% VAT will be added to the invoice unless you’re based outside of the EU or if you are a company located outside of the UK.

Additional modules

The main course focuses on creativity because in our opinion it is the essence of an outstanding private event producer and the key to a successful business.

Aware of the fact that who is new to this role might need to integrate this course with other specific topics to become a stellar event producer at 360 degrees or to launch a new event producing agency, we have also created the following separate modules that can be purchased individually with the same timings of the main course.

These are LIVE sessions.

1How to start an event agency

  • Choose a name
  • Create a business plan
  • Identify your positioning
  • Select your target clientele
  • Establish your pricing

2How to find clients

  • Market the brand
  • Increase awareness
  • From the first enquiry to the contract

3Event planning management

  • Budget
  • Planner
  • Event flow
  • Vendors briefs

4Solve the issue

  • How to solve an issue with a client
  • Or with a vendor
  • Or an inconvenience on the day
  • Liaise with a difficult client

5Step by step planning guide

  • From contract to event
  • Venue search
  • Vendors search
  • Coordination

6The Wedding

  • Destination wedding
  • Emotional clients
  • How it differs from other events
  • The ceremony

7Private Events

  • Launch Parties
  • Special birthdays
  • Social gatherings
  • Anniversaries

8Power 1:1 Call – 2hr session

  • Ask us anything to improve your business

Investment (additional modules)


  • 100 Euros x 1 module
  • 60 Euros for each additional module


  • 200 Euros x 1 module
  • 350 Euros x 2 modules
  • 550 Euro x 3 modules
  • 100 Euro x each additional module




London +44 (0)79 4030 8737
Amsterdam +31 641287337
Venice +39 347 1057041