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Questions & Answers

1) What services do you offer?

Our studio organizes destination weddings, private celebrations, brand and creative events for any special occasion worth honouring, being it a social gathering, milestone birthday, anniversary, product launch, influencers dinner, staff party or just a simple family festivity.

Our creative directors also provide styling assistance for photoshoots and property interiors to enhance the power of a brand or revamp a space to capture a new target audience.

On top of this we organize empowering workshops and inspiring retreats throughout the year for those interested in personal development and in establishing a connection with their own inner creativity, as well as an intensive course for creative event planners & designers aimed at boosting their brand profile, incrementing their inspirational power and gaining new business.

Finally, we offer a customized collection of artisanal items created by artists we have met during our travelling, which can enhance any event or property.

2) Where do you organize events?

Our studio can organize events anywhere, being it Italy, Ibiza, Marrakech, Bali, the south of France or another beautiful destination around the world.

We are always on the look for stunning venues that can offer an intimate and superlative ambience for a private event. Our team has also lots of experience to turn your private property into the perfect setting for your celebration.

3) Where is your team based?

Our team is based in London, Amsterdam, Venice and Zoom, meaning that we can liaise with clients based anywhere in the world and meet you at the chosen venue to discuss your event once our service is booked or in one of the above cities for a preliminary chat.

4) Which vendors do you work with?

All our achievements are based on an attentive selection of gorgeous locations and on the identification of very talented suppliers as well as on years of invaluable experience.

We will be looking at each aspect of your event, identifying the best vendors to provide the required services among the talented ones we have carefully handpicked as favourite partners throughout the past 17 years of event crafting. We only recommend vendors that we trust and know we can rely on.

5) How do you select the venues you recommend?

We select the venues we recommend on the basis of your chosen criteria, of our trusted experience and inside knowledge. We have already worked with many of these venues, we know many others because we have suggested them plenty of times before or because we have visited them or because someone we knowand trust has recommended them highly. Even though we have happened to use a few venues quite often, we love to work in new locations, as we like to see a place with fresh eyes.

6) Will we need to visit the venues before booking them?

If possible, we recommend that you organize a trip to view the locations you shortlist among the ones we hand-pick for you. Choosing a venue is like buying a dress, only if you try it on, you know if it fits you well.

7) Will your team be on-site during the events?

Of course, we always provide on-site supervision at the event.
 Our production team will be focusing on the crafting of your special celebration to ensure the brief is respected in every single detail. They will be there to address any queries and solve any issues that might arise about any technical aspects of your project on the day and to coordinate all suppliers.




London +44 (0)79 4030 8737
Amsterdam +31 641287337
Venice +39 347 1057041