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Italian Destination Wedding

Looking for the wedding of your dreams?
We give you the real reasons your ideal event should be in Italy.

italian destination wedding


Design Anarchy isn’t your typical luxury wedding planner. We create events that even your imagination can’t believe. With delicate touches, jaw-dropping venues and an expert team, even your wildest dreams will be outdone. Seeing is believing, but we also have a few ways to convince you to call today.

Here are the best reasons to become part of the hundreds of satisfied Design Anarchy guests. Learn about destination weddings with Design Anarchy today.

TALK WITH Design Anarchy Because… You don’t want to stress about the little things

It’s every bride’s nightmare, dealing with the little emergencies that inevitably pop up throughout the wedding planning process. With so many things that could go wrong, how can you enjoy your big day knowing the worst is just around the corner?


weddings in italy countryside


Design Anarchy takes care of all of the details, small and large, and manages every aspect of your event to make sure your day, and the days leading up to it, are as easy on you and your partner as possible.

We’ve done this before; we are experts. That means we can take matters into our own hands and see the bigger picture. By piecing together each tiny detail of your event, we’ll put together the wedding that will work as seamlessly as possible and look at chic as can be.

Trust us.

From Lake Como to The Dolomites, from Rome to Venice weddings, we’ve seen it all.


venice weddings


CHOOSE US because… You want a wedding in Italy that exceeds your wildest imagination

We are giving a “fairytale wedding” a whole new meaning.

Design Anarchy provides a service that focuses on trends and style. We love tradition but we love breaking the mould even more.


lake como weddings


Think glistening crystal centerpieces, layers of intricate lace or natural elements that go beyond just flowers, including moss, fire and water. Think ultra-long tables laid thick with seasonal spreads, long-stemmed candles flickering in the breeze and fine-china adorning each guests’ table setting.

Do away with picking a colour scheme; choose colours you love and add more as you go!

Forget black-tie attire. Dress to impress only yourself; footwear optional.

Picture contrasting, vibrant colours, layered textures and even wildlife. Nothing is too much for the Design Anarchy team to pull off.

Whatever your wildest dream is, let our team take it even further and procure something you’d never have expected.

Team up with us because…
You want awe-inspiring views in amazing wedding locations

There are plenty of wedding planners that can book you an idyllic location. Design Anarchy is the only weddings planner company that won’t only find you an amazing location but the perfect location.

Whether your dream is reciting vows high above the crashing of clear blue waves or you picture the best day of your life being held deep within the thick of the woods, there is a venue in Italy – or anywhere else you want to host it – just for you.

We’ve searched high and low across Italy along with countries like Indonesia, Spain and Morocco to find the most epic venues for your big day.

We want your guests to come excited and amazed at the location of your choosing.

Trust us because… You want your wedding to be uniquely yours

With other Italian destination wedding planners, you may love the event they set up… for someone else. Design Anarchy wants to make sure you never feel like you’re living someone else’s dream.

Our expert team knows exactly what to ask, who to call and how to perfectly craft a day that is uniquely yours and no one else’s.

Whether you want to integrate traditions from both you and your partners’ ethnicities or you want to create a non-denominational, culturally ambiguous party, we’ve got your back.

Combine elements of your past, your present and what is yet to come, for a day that you’ll remember every day, for the rest of your lives.

Weddings in Italy… You’re tired of the set menu, passed hors d’oeuvre concept

The only thing worse than bad conversation is good conversation interrupted by stale or too-formal dining.

Design Anarchy can craft a dinner plan that is more unique, fun and, ultimately, memorable. If serve-yourself cheese platters, grazing tables piled high with vegetables and charcuterie or freshly baked wood-fired pizzas sounds more enticing, you’ve come to the right place.

Buffet tables don’t have to be tacky, either. It’s all about the atmosphere and what you choose to let your buffet tables showcase.

It is no secret that Italians take food seriously. At Design Anarchy, we value quality food and well-matched, in-season flavours that really shine over everything else. Where better to get luxuriously rich cheeses, melt-in-your-mouth meats and centuries-old traditional recipes than your own wedding in Italy?

Are you a fan of the classic sit-down meal and passed appetizer concept? That’s okay too!

It’s your wedding; YOU decide how YOU want to eat.

Hire Design Anarchy because… You don’t know exactly what you want!

Not sure what your dream wedding looks like? That’s not a problem. With a myriad of gorgeous imagery (think Capri Island or the Amalfi Coast) to get your imagination going, the Design Anarchy portfolio is the best place to start brainstorming.

We can make suggestions and ask the right questions to figure out the right venue, decor and picture-perfect photos for lasting memories.

We work with the best wedding photographers and vendors

Design Anarchy takes everything to the next level, out of your hands and into ours to provide the most exceptional product and personalized event you can imagine.

We love learning the latest trends, exploring the boundaries of what “wedding” means to you and your guests and building a luxuriously stylish event that everyone will remember forever.

When you think Italian destination wedding, you should be thinking of Design Anarchy. With 10 years of experience combing the country, the globe and every culture imaginable for the most exquisite touches, we know luxury weddings. There’s no one better to trust with your big day than the expert Design Anarchy team.

Contact us to start exploring the possibilities and get your event booked today.




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