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Top Italy Wedding Venues in 2023-2024. The Ultimate Guide

The best wedding venues in Italy. The complete list of the top 37 villas, castles and resorts.

Top wedding villas in Italy.

We know how looking for the perfect place for your dream wedding can be overwhelming and how much trusted advice can be precious. Clara & Eva, together with their team at DESIGN ANARCHY, have run their luxury private event planning agency for 16 years.

We have been scouting exclusive, luxury Italy wedding venues and producing events in well-known, spectacular locations as well as remote and secluded but equally stunning properties (think of Tuscany, Amalfi Coast, Puglia, Rome, Venice, Sicily, Sardinia… both small and large venues). It is impossible to create an exhaustive list of villas in Italy as we are always on the look for new gems and our black book is never-ending.

Every wedding is special and different; we recommend a customised search and an expert comparison of venues before choosing the right one based on your very own brief. Below are just a few of the ones we love to make you start dreaming.

No matter what sort of wedding venue you are looking for: our expert team will delight all of your senses and leave everyone at your big day speechless and in awe. Here are some of the top wedding venues in Italy we could not live without. Feel free to contact us for more insights and a thorough consultation reflecting your personal requirements.


Wedding Venues By The Water


If you crave the familiar scent of a sea breeze, love the mysticism and history of Lake Como or can’t picture your big day without the sunset colours dancing playfully off of a gently moving body of water, then you need to book a venue by the water. With venues all across Italy and up-and-down much of its famed coast, you will not be disappointed by Design Anarchy’s by-the-water favourites.


Villa Astor, Sorrento

Amalfi Coast Wedding Venues

Named one of the trendiest Italian wedding venues by Brides Magazine, Villa Astor is a dream wedding venue perched on the cliffs of Sorrento – a unique and romantic spot perfect for intimate or large weddings, private parties and receptions. The stunning lush garden with panoramic views of the sea and Mount Vesuvius is a heavenly setting for romance and celebration. Dining can be enjoyed al fresco under the stars or inside one of the many salons.

villa astor weddings

villa astor weddings

villa astor weddings


Villa Balbiano

Lake Como Wedding Venues

Villa Balbiano is the largest private residence on the lake, occupying over 2ha, with an extensive sumptuous garden, which was distinguished by the British Society of Garden Designers, an outdoor swimming pool, a private pier and a boathouse. Inside, its historic interiors have been filled with the finest objets d’art and furniture of past centuries, sourced from Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Spectacular 17th-century frescoes painted by the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva still decorate the walls, untouched by time. With its illustrious past, and an unparalleled mix of man-made and natural beauty, Villa Balbiano is one of the most glamorous locations on Lake Como, the perfect venue for a sophisticated destination wedding and the most extravagant party.

Villa Balbiano weddings

villa balbiano lake como weddings

villa balbiano lake como luxury weddings


Abbazia della Cervara

Portofino Wedding Venues

Abbazia della Cervara in Portofino has a little bit of everything. From sweeping ocean views, lush gardens and a rich, colorful history, there is something to excite everyone. La Cervara – Abbey of San Girolamo at Portofino Mountain – is a well-preserved monument complex that has become a staple of culture across Italy. Its history is cloaked in both mystery and grandeur, first being home to a small group of Benedictine monks, who founded a monastery there in 1361. Since then, the Abbey has been visited by Popes, Saints, famous poets and more.

In keeping with tradition, the Abbey of San Girolamo maintains its purpose of hosting major cultural events as well as private, intimate events for varying numbers of guests. As the culmination of Art, Nature and Culture in beautiful Portofino, it is a premier destination for luxurious and unique weddings.

abbazia della cervara weddings

Abbazia della Cervara Weddings

If you are: A lover of history, architecture and culture, Abbazia della Cervara weddings are ideal for you.

The Mediterranean-style gardens that frame views of the glistening Mediterranean Ocean itself are a perfect, romantic place to exchange vows and host an amazing celebration. After all, your wedding is more than just a party; it is an expression and devotion of your love. What better place to host than in a location already blanketed in rich and exciting history?

Make your own love story part of the story of the Abbey of San Girolamo.

Capofaro, Aeolian Islands

Sicily Wedding Venues

Taken directly from their website, the Capofaro estate was “born out of the love that the Tasca d’Almerita family have for wine and sea”. The jaw-droppingly beautiful estate is located on the most authentically Italian Aeolian Islands, with rolling hills of vineyards that stretch as far as the eye meets the sea.

The design of the estate emphasizes the natural beauty of the island above all else; simple Mediterranean-style architecture does not outshine the natural hills and cliffs and blue accents emphasize the bright blues of the water stretched out in every direction. Capofaro truly echoes the luxury of nature.

capofaro weddings sicily

Capofaro Weddings

With twenty-seven unique rooms, each with individual terraces that face the garden or the sea, the estate is the perfect place to host a wedding. Capofaro weddings are special because they allow you to write your own story, to have an entire canvas for your event. Let your guests relax in similar luxury as you and your partner in their own room, stroll through the vineyards that the wine for your event was harvested from and even take a moment to yourself at the mid-nineteenth-century lighthouse on the property.

The entire property will be transformed into your own, intimate, secluded fantasy venue; embrace endless possibilities.

Faro Capo-Spartivento

Sardinia Wedding Venues

“Find your soul and lose it forever because it will want to stay here”.

Are you looking for an unconventional, mystical wedding location? The Faro Capo-Spartivento, Sardinia lighthouse experience is the magical destination you’re after. The Faro Capo-Spartivento lighthouse is more than just a lighthouse, which is why an experience truly captivates everything that it is.

The lighthouse was built in 1854 by the Italian navy but was later destroyed during the conflict of World War II. In 2006, a massive ‘metamorphosis’ of the property began and today it is Italy’s first and only lighthouse that is also a guesthouse.

The glorious seaside guesthouse is a feature of the lighthouse itself, making it both unique and architecturally stunning. Minimalistic design populates the four decadent suites in the guesthouse itself, each with panoramic views of the ocean, and an infinity pool cap off the luxury experience. The five-star hotel is a memorable location for any special event that is looking to be anything but ordinary.

Faro Capo Spartivento Wedding

Faro Capo-Spartivento Wedding

If you love the spirit and romance of Italy and the Italian coastline but want something more special than a vineyard or cliffside wedding, a Faro Capo-Spartivento wedding is the best choice for you. Complete with intimate and luxurious suites and mini-apartments, it is perfect for either a smaller wedding or for housing just your wedding party once your remaining guests depart.

With a vibrant history and restoration, it is the unconventional wedding spot you’ve been seeking without sacrificing Italy’s famous romantic charm.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati

Lake Como Wedding Venues

If a classic Italian, Lake Como wedding is what your dream day looks like, there is no better location than the dreamy Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most stunning 5-star accommodations in Lake Como.

Described as “The Pearl” of Lake Como, the Hotel was built in the 16th century and was later converted into a summer home for the Dukes of Serbelloni. The enchanting, harmonious architecture and lush gardens surrounding the property make it the perfect accompaniment to one of the world’s most picturesque bodies of water.

Since the 18th century, Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s Villa Sola Cabiati has been regarded by many as one of Lake Como’s most magnificent estates. The Villa Sola Cabiati is an aristocratic dream, filled with stunning Italian artwork and even regarded as a work of art itself. Experience the exclusivity that is Lake Como from the spectacular Villa Sola Cabiati.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati weddings

Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati weddings

Given its timeless history, epic beauty and quiet peacefulness, Lake Como is one of the world’s favourite destination wedding spots. Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati weddings are a sight to behold and the perfect setting for elaborate, expertly orchestrated and unforgettable experiences.

JK Place, Capri

Capri Wedding Venues

JK Place, Capri is just that, a dramatic, modern palace hotel. At JK Palace, you will never feel as if you are away from home. Purposely echoing the concepts and elegant style of one’s own home, coastal colours, nautical lines and comfortable furnishings are the perfect accent to the just-outside sea breeze. The comforts of home and impeccable service make this luxury hotel a favourite among avid travellers from near and far.

Capri – along with the JK Palace in particular – has a long history of being a place for wealthy Italians and foreign travellers to see and be seen. Picturesque beaches and a location known for style and fashion are some of Capri’s main draws. JK Palace has been through many changes and expansions throughout the years but since its beginning has been a popular luxury hotel amongst elite travellers, even being the only first-class hotel to offer direct access to the beach at one time.

JK Place Capri Weddings

JK Place, Capri Weddings

If you’re among the many that dream of having their wedding in Capri, you likely have already considered the JK Palace. Traditional European balconies, beachfront access and great views, all with some of the best team of staff of any accommodation in Italy, will make your dream wedding even more special and stress-free. JK Place Capri weddings are what everyone dreams of.

La Peschiera

Puglia Wedding Venues

When you think of simple luxury on the Mediterranean coast, you should be thinking of the beautiful La Peschiera boutique hotel. La Peschiera expertly combines modern luxury with the simplest design and décor to do everything possible to not distract from the lapping waves just steps from your feet. You’ll find the rustic stone, bright whites and natural, muted tones only – with the occasional tropical flower or pop of colour from a fruity drink being the only thing drawing your eye from the blue that surrounds you.

Seven plunging pools perched above the vast ocean will be the thing that leaves a lasting image in your memory. The pools stretch out amongst all of the guestrooms at the resort, offering staggered, stacked, cooling relief from the beating sun, ultimately drawing your eye to the sea’s horizon and, eventually, down to a private beach. Here you will be met with similar luxury and no distractions from the ocean.

The freshest tastes of the Adriatic Sea lead La Peschiera’s menu. Think natural, think bright, think classic Mediterranean and you have La Peschiera.

La Peschiera weddings

La Peschiera weddings

If you aren’t won over by frills, lavish details or architecture that stands out, La Peschiera weddings will offer you the perfect venue. The 5-star hotel focuses on nature and the ocean; every touch will echo natural elements, with an emphasis on the sea.

Maybe you do love the frills but prefer a blank canvas to start with. La Peschiera is the perfect solution for a location you can add your own personality and flair.

Whatever your idea of an ideal wedding may be, choose La Peschiera if you love the sea and you will not be disappointed.

La Posta Vecchia

Rome Wedding Venues

If you love Rome but can’t give a shake of the allure of the water, La Posta Vecchia Is the boutique hotel for you. If you love history but can’t sacrifice modern comforts, La Posta Vecchia is the boutique hotel for you. If you love art, architecture and culture but also want to enjoy contemporary meals throughout your visit, La Posta Vecchia, Rome is the boutique hotel for you.

La Posta Vecchia is the estate you imagine Pompeian parties roaring and Renaissance romance stories being set. The building is steeped in traditional architecture and stretches of lush Italian greenery surround the ornately designed building. Surrounding that are the gentle lapping of the Tyrrhenian waters. Found just 24 miles from downtown Rome, it is the ultimate escape from the big city without being so far removed.

La Posta Vecchia oozes seductive Italian history; come and add your own piece to the generous story.

La Posta Vecchia Weddings

La Posta Vecchia Weddings

An amazing location with an even more amazing history; that is what you get from La Posta Vecchia weddings. The property has proved to be one of the most exclusive for centuries; “romantic enough for a Renaissance princess, rare enough for Pompeii and his peers, rich enough for J Paul Getty”. You won’t find another boutique hotel that offers as much charm, modern comfort and a historic atmosphere.

Your wedding will be one of the many exclusive, rich and even royal events that have graced La Posta Vecchia’s walls and grounds. Rent small spaces for intimate but equally extravagant occasions or the entire complex for a more grandiose affair. Add your love story to the story of Italy’s romance, at La Posta Vecchia.

Principe di Salina, Aeolian Islands

Sicily Wedding Venues

For a truly intimate, comforts-of-home feel, the Principe di Salina, Aeolian Islands is the luxury boutique hotel you want to stay at. Located on Salina Island, a rugged, green and uniquely natural island among the Aeolians, the hotel’s rooms are elegant and modern without sacrificing rustic charm.

While many hotels try to emulate the feel and comforts of home, none does so as well as Principe di Salina. A family-run hotel by a family that has been coming to the Salina for years, no one knows homey charm better than Principe di Salina. The hotel itself was born following dozens of family vacations in beautiful Salina; the family wanted to emulate that feeling of comfort and island ease as best they could – and they more than accomplished that with this Aeolian accommodation.

Each room is elegantly designed in typical Mediterranean style with a Sicilian spin and international flair. A visit to Principe di Salina will invigorate more than just your mind, but your body.

Principe di Salina Aeolian Weddings

Principe di Salina, Aeolian Islands Weddings

Because the boutique accommodation was born from the minds of a happy, adventurous family itself, it is the ideal location for your wedding. Weddings bring families together; the venue you choose for yours should accommodate your family in ways you may have never thought of, but Principe di Salina did. Principe di Salina, Aeolian Islands Weddings, will provide Mediterranean style and minimalistic design to your big day, all with a family-friendly atmosphere and delightfully comforting history.

Let your family continue the tradition of mystical Aeolian holidays, truly unique private events and, of course, authentic and soulful weddings.

Villa Cassinella, Lake Como

For the ultimate luxury, Villa Cassinella, Lake Como can’t be beaten. Nestled amongst sprawling, perfectly manicured gardens, the property includes a main Villa and a terrace house, each with its own appeal. The highest level of exclusivity, Villa Cassinella has its own cinema and gym onsite, in addition to world-class amenities and extravagant details.

Enjoy the benefits of a high-class resort with the intimacy of your own property at Villa Cassinella. Having undergone a complete restoration, you can enjoy modern comforts – such as an infinity pool and full gym – with the charm of Italian design and art. Swim laps in the pool, play a match of tennis on your own personal court or enjoy luxurious spa-quality bathing facilities, all while enjoying panoramic views of the famous lake.

The Villa is ideal for the trip of a lifetime or hosting a private event, with everything you need from the onsite facilities along with beautifully designed grounds and accommodations.

Villa Cassinella Lake Como Weddings

Villa Cassinella, Lake Como Weddings

Lake Como weddings are a staple of Italian luxury; with spanning views of the water and mountains, exceptional Italian estates and lush greenery as far as the eye can see, there is nowhere more magical to exchange vows. Villa Cassinella, Lake Como Weddings are everything you dream of from a Lake Como wedding.

Picture perfectly sculpted trees and shrubs, dramatic terraces and even 22-carat gold tiles for you, your guests and your entire wedding party to enjoy. Modern updates and an expert staff to produce the event ensure you won’t miss the option of a luxury resort.

If you want intimate luxury and modern comfort with panoramic lakeside views, a wedding at Villa Cassinella is a must.

Villa Cimbrone, Ravello

The five-star Villa Cimbrone, Ravello is one of the most prestigious hotels in the Mediterranean. With some of the best views on the Amalfi Coast and a history rich with the visits of the European elite, it is fashionable luxury at its finest. Join the hundreds that have been inspired and drawn to Villa Cimbrone for years and create your own story with plenty of possibility on the sprawling, enchanting grounds.

Villa Cimbrone’s walls have seen many famous names in science, arts and political dynasties including Forster, D.H. Lawrence, Keynes, Piaget, Eliot, Virginia Woolf, The Duke and Duchess of Kent, Churchill, the Agnellis and the Clintons among others. Villa Cimbrone has been the meeting place for important decisions in history and has fostered the minds of influential art, poetry and science to flourish. A stay at Cimbrone is one you will not soon forget.

The 12th-century estate is as rustic as it is blanketed in modern luxury; unreachable by car, it invites an air of mystery and exclusivity that other Italian villas and estates do not. The grounds are lush, rolling down to the sea and perfectly maintained. The facilities echo the historic design and culture of the century it was born in but are updated enough to please even the pickiest guests. A visit to Villa Cimbrone is essential for an intimate look at Italian history and social life.

Villa Cimbrone Weddings

Villa Cimbrone Weddings

Villa Cimbrone is an ideal place to host a wedding, given its colourful history of playing host to a number of well-known, passionate love affairs. Greta Garbo’s affair with Leopold Stokowski occurred within the walls of the Villa, among others.

A Villa Cimbrone wedding is the ideal backdrop for an elegant, dreamy, romantic wedding celebration. With epic stone architecture, thick vines of vegetation and ocean views, it is the fairy-tale wedding you’ve always pictured.

Villa TreVille

Positano Wedding Venues

Villa TreVille, Positano is everything you imagine when you picture idyllic Italian coastal estates. Perched high above the rolling azure waves and steeped in traditional Mediterranean architecture and artwork Villa Treville will delight your senses and invite romance from the second you gaze on it.

Purchased in the 1920’s by Russian writer Mikhail Semenov, the property was and is frequently visited by artists and intellectuals from around the world seeking peace and tranquil luxury. The exquisitely designed interior echos Italian tradition as well as international style and decor. Murano works of glass art, Vietri tiles and Neopolitan furniture are just some of the Italian originals you will find inside the villa.

With only 4 separate villas and 4 suites in each villa, there are 16 suites total. Enjoy the most intimate peace throughout your stay by renting an entire villa for you and your friends and family. Each suite is unique in design but matching in comfort and luxury amenities, named and decorated in themes that relate to previous guests of the villa.

Villa TreVille has character, charm and modern facilities that are almost impossible to find elsewhere above the brilliant Mediterranean; experience it for yourself.

positano Weddings villa treville

Villa TreVille Weddings

Villa TreVille wedding celebrations have been revered as some of the best in Italy. Experience total privacy from other guests while receiving the attention you need and want from staff for your day to go off stress-free. Rent an entire villa for the event and let your wedding party stay in the ultimate comfort.

If you want ocean views, Italian tradition and contemporary comfort, Villa TreVille will be your perfect wedding destination.

Villa Pliniana & Hotel Sereno, Lake Como

If you still haven’t found a villa magical enough for your stay on Lake Como, your search is now over. Villa Pliniana & Hotel Sereno, Lake Como are what you’ve been looking for. Villa Pliniana is the 16th century Italian estate of your dreams. Steeped in ornate, elegant details and complete with 18 sprawling waterfront acres, you will be blown away by Villa Pliniana and Hotel Sereno.

The ultimate in exclusivity, Villa Pliniana offers guests a private boat dock, helicopter pad, spa and exquisite gardens, complete with 17 bedrooms. Be waited on hand and foot by a full-service staff as you enjoy panoramic views of the stunning Lake Como stretched out before you. Spend your days lounging by your own private pool, attending spa sessions or exploring the property via your provided golf cart.

For more modern luxury, visit Hotel Sereno. Mingle with exciting, engaging foreigners while you lounge in contemporary furniture from the mind of award-winning designer Patricia Urquiola or by the sleek infinity pool for unobstructed views of the lake’s waters. Dine on Michelin rated cuisine and enjoy trips onto the lake aboard one of the hotel’s three custom Cantiere Ernesto Riva boats, the only way to truly enjoy Lake Como.

Villa Pliniana Hotel Sereno Weddings

Villa Pliniana & Hotel Sereno Weddings

Lake Como has been a destination for luxury weddings for many years; the jaw-dropping mountains that jut from the glistening lake and the epic Italian estates that line the edges of the water make it the perfect place to host the most important day of your lives. Villa Pliniana & Hotel Sereno Weddings are no exception.

Experience luxury, experience romance and experience an unforgettable setting that will leave you breathless.

– Wedding Venues In The Alps –


If you need the crisp alpine air and rugged adventure of the mountains in your life, Design Anarchy in the mountains will take you above and beyond expectations.

Rosa Alpina, Dolomites

Rosa Alpina, Dolomites is one of the most glamorous spots to spend a holiday. With clear views of the famed Dolomite Mountains from almost every room, you will feel instantly at peace or, perhaps, even lust for adventure. Whether you want to unwind and recharge in the alpine air or crave a high-altitude adventure, Hotel Rosa Alpina can satisfy your every desire, all while offering the utmost in contemporary comfort and traditional Italian design.

The town of San Cassiano, where Rosa Alpina sits, played an important role in World War I, representing the last Austrian bastion before the front. Today, the small town has maintained its charm, encouraged lovers of its history and updated itself with modern amenities along the way.

A stay at Roda Alpina will leave you refreshed, at peace and excited to return.

dolomites Weddings Rosa Alpina hotel

Rosa Alpina Weddings

Rosa Alpina weddings offer the best venue setting for any couple that:

  • Met or fell in love through the sport of snow skiing or mountain climbing
  • Wants an unconventional location for their most important day
  • Prefer quiet, tranquil amenities to bustling cities or tourist-ridden beaches

Winter or summer, the Dolomites is one of the most recognizable and exciting mountain ranges in the whole world. Characterized by jagged peaks and sheer drops, it is the perfect setting for the adventure-seeking duo.

Castel Presule, Dolomites

Castel Presule, Dolomites is a 13th century castle in the small village of Presule in the Dolomite mountain range. Perched high above on of few roads that wind their way through the valley within the mountains, the mighty Castel Presule with its Renaissance-style towers and famous collection of arms and art.

The Castle dominates the landscape within the mountain range which is popular for both winter and summer sports. Castel Presule is host to the Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride each spring and outdoor concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions and is even available for rent for private events such as parties and weddings.

Dolomites Weddings Castel Presule

Dolomites Weddings Castel Presule

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a married in a castle like a proper princess, now is your chance with Castel Presule weddings.

Castel Presule’s dramatic towers, stone archways and grand entryways offer no better place to pretend like royalty for a day and wed on the castle’s grounds. The large pastures and purple lavender sprinkled throughout make it ideal for beautiful wedding pictures, as does the backdrop of the mystical mountains stretched out behind the imposed castle. Written documents of the castle date back to 1279; imagine the weddings, balls and ceremonies that your wedding will have the honour of being included in amongst forever in the castle’s history.

The castle is even home to its own chapel, making the ceremony and the celebration following an easy transition for you and your guests.

There’s no more romantic a venue to proclaim your commitment to the King or Queen in your life than in one of Italy’s most romantic castles.


– Wedding venues in the Countryside –


If your idea of the perfect Italian wedding includes rolling hills as far as the eye can see and pastures that stretch as far as your veil, take note of Design Anarchy’s favourite in the countryside venues. From vineyards to grand estates, castles to villas, the Italian countryside is as romantic a venue as one can imagine.

Borgo Santo Pietro

Tuscany Wedding Venues

The Borgo Santo Pietro, Tuscany, estate and hotel is one of Tuscany’s most luxurious experiences. This organic farm embodies natural luxury in the most beautiful way, with 200+ acres of rich Italian soil bursting with vegetation that feeds the body and soul.

Borgo Santo Pietro includes not just a farm but 25 acres of vineyards, abundant gardens, a luxury hotel with modern amenities and a spectacular estate. If you want a true Italian luxury experience, this is the place to do it. With an infinity pool overlooking the lush Italian hillside, several unforgettable dining experiences, numerous gardens, a spa and wellness centre and even adventure packages, there is truly everything you could ever ask for on the property.

Spend your days meandering overflowing gardens, enjoying the sunrise from hot air balloon high above the valley, learning about organic harvesting, getting 5-star spa treatments, sipping wine in the Borgo Santo Pietro wine cellar or lounging poolside with a team of staff nearby to assist your every desire. The property’s suites and rooms are draped in luxe fabrics, ornate details and stunning artwork.

Tuscany Weddings Borgo Santo Pietro

Borgo Santo Pietro Weddings

No other venue personifies Italian countryside luxury better than the Borgo Santo Pietro. From the spa to the vineyard, from lounging poolside to drifting in floating balloons – a Borgo Santo Pietro wedding will leave you and your guests in awe.

Whether you want to exchange vows between traditional vineyards, within one of the many gardens or indoors in the rustic yet updated estate, there are plenty of options to make your perfect wedding come to life. Personalize your wedding with unlimited options for crafting your dream weekend. This 5-star Italian experience offers the most romantic, the most luxurious and the most traditional in Tuscan wedding venues.

The setting is both enchanting and fun, open and intimate and you will feel simultaneously right-at-home and in an idyllic dream. True Italian memories begin at Borgo Santo Pietro.

Borgo Stomennano, Siena

In Italian, borgo means village and Stomennano is the name of this tiny Italian village in Tuscany. Borgo Stomennano, Siena, was built on ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins, still visible to this day. The first written records of this property appear here, in records dating back to 1059.

Part of the appeal of this beautiful property in the country is the family that makes it feel so charming and comfortable. The Grassi’s are an old Italian family that dates back to the Middle Ages. Members of the family have been an integral part of Italy’s history, acting as representatives of government, Administration and army of the Sienese Republic. The family represents the last generation that has permanently lived in Tuscan borgo for 250 years.

Because of its colourful, ample history, this historic property echoes Italian tradition and love of family stronger than most. It’s because of this passion for love and familial ties that Borgo Stomennano is the perfect place to host a wedding celebration.

tuscany weddings borgo stomennano

Borgo Stomennano Weddings

Hosting lavish, dreamy, romantic, something-out-of-a-fairytale wedding celebrations are what the Grassi’s are known for, what they have a passion for. Open your heart and open your lives to the Italian roots that are so deeply ingrained in a Borgo Stomennano wedding set in beautiful Siena.

If intimate, simple and surrounded by Italian the hillside – and very little else – sounds like your ideal wedding venue, book a Borgo Stomennano wedding. You can even enjoy crisp wines and thick, rich olive oil harvested by Borgo’s family.

Castello di Vicarello, Tuscany

What does a boutique hotel mixed with a rustic Italian castle look like? Castello di Vicarello, Tuscany.

Few accommodations are more Italian than the legendary Castello di Vicarello. Picture summer nights meandering through vineyards under starlit skies, a fresh autumn harvest with the fruits of summer’s labour coming to a head, the warm, fragrant breeze of spring flowers blooming throughout Italy’s famed hillside, all housed at a stunning, grandiose castle property.

For a total reset, a full-body recharge and a retreat that will leave you understanding why the Italian people are consistently so relaxed and happy, enjoy the spa and wellbeing treatments at Castello di Vicarello. Treatments and massage therapy sessions are available in the privacy of one’s own room or can be taken in the gardens, engulfed by the familiar scents of fresh lavender and jasmine.

Sample luscious award-winning wines grown from organic soil harvested just outside the castle or learn to make fresh pasta from scratch, from home-grown ingredients using family centuries-old family traditions. A medieval air engulfs the castle’s kitchen and reminds everyone who graces the walls of the rustic castle of a simpler time, a time before loud, bustling cities and constantly glowing, buzzing technology.

Tuscany Weddings Castello di Vicarello

Castello di Vicarello Weddings

Whether you want your wedding to be an intimate affair or a lavish gathering for hundreds, Castello di Vicarello is the destination for the most important day of your life. Celebrate love, family and tradition amidst the Italian countryside that the country is celebrated for with a Castello di Vicarello wedding.

The beauty of the rolling hills and lush vegetation surrounding the castle make it a romantic, idyllic location to begin the next chapter of your own love story. Vines of climbing roses, gusts of breeze filled with richly scented lavender air and throngs of olive trees all create the perfect setting for a passionate weekend to share with family and friends.

The castle is perched high above many of the valley’s hills; watch colours change from oranges to yellows, from blues to greens as the sun shifts in the sky. At Castello di Vicarello, any season is an ideal season, any hour is shockingly beautiful, every sunset is better than the last; any day is perfect for a wedding.

Castello Odescalchi, Rome

The Castello Odescalchi, Rome is one of the most magnificent and imposing Renaissance castles in all of Europe. When you picture princess castles and days of medieval royalty, it is Castello Odescalchi di Bracciano that you are picturing. Traditional and rustic while still being strong and unforgettable, it is the castle that puts all other castles to shame.

The castle, which was commissioned by Napoleon Orsini in 1470, has undergone many changes and seen many conflicts since it’s completion in 1485. Located not far from Rome, the castle’s walls are bursting with evidence of its many occupants, passing from the Orsini family to other Italian nobles and even being occupied by the French for a time. Architect and sculptor Giacomo del Duca, one of Michelangelo’s students even painted several works of art for the wedding of Paolo Giordano Orsini and Isabella de’ Medici, which are still housed in the castle.

Bits of ancient and contemporary Italian artwork and culture fill each and every corner of the castle. Today, the castle is well-maintained and preserved from its glory days; see for yourself and be swept away, swept back in time.

Castello Odescalchi Weddings

Castello Odescalchi weddings will make you feel like true Roman royalty and make everyone on your guest list feel honoured just to be in attendance. Host the biggest day in your life in one of the many exclusive rooms or gardens of the castle which are able to host small gatherings or large celebrations for up to 1,000 guests.

With enchanting and elegant decor blanketing each and every inch of the castle, every bride can feel like a true princess. Imagine crystals glistening from all angles, fragrant flower arrangements overflowing, towering centrepieces and long tables lines with the finest china, fit for a king.

Exchanging vows is a sacred and long-celebrated tradition in many cultures, practised throughout many religions. No matter where you decide to commit to a life together, it should be somewhere beautiful, it should be somewhere romantic and it should be somewhere unforgettable. Make it a day that you will never forget with a setting as epic as the love between you and your partner; no castle is too grand for the love story that is you.

Castiglion del Bosco, Tuscany

Castiglion del Bosco dates all the way back to 1100 A.D. One of the oldest Tuscan estates and updated with state-of-the-art amenities, Castiglion del Bosco, Tuscany, is the perfect place to soak in authentic Italy like a modern traveller. Europe’s finest golf and wine experience at a private, members-only club, it is exclusivity and comfort found in the heart of the Tuscan countryside.

What better place to play a game than amidst the famous sprawling hills of Tuscany, a natural golf course in its own right? The exclusive course has seen many of Europe’s greatest golfers play and still welcomes new members to try their hand at the luxurious course.

And because it is Italy, what would a golf course be without being a vineyard as well? Prestigious wine is grown directly from the soil that has harvested centuries of grapes, olive trees and other vegetation that populate the Castiglion del Bosco vineyard experience. Visit to experience the over 800-year-old land and taste wine the true way it was first grown to be savoured. Or, if you’re an expert wine enthusiast, join the 1100 Wine Club to experience the best bottles in the most intimate of atmospheres.

In between sipping and swinging, stay at the beautiful Rosewood Hotel and be met with the finest facilities and most luxurious suites under the Tuscan sun.

Tuscany Weddings Castiglion del Bosco

Castiglion del Bosco Weddings

If you want to provide your guests with updated comfort without sacrificing the true atmosphere and culture of Italy, a Castiglion del Bosco Wedding is just perfect for you. One of the oldest estates in the Italian countryside, the property has been renovated to be fit for the most high-class guests and provides a resort-quality experience, despite being rustic and beautifully maintained in its original beauty.

Enjoy a round of pre-ceremony golf with your wedding party, taste some of the finest wines in the valley to make sure you serve only the best to your esteemed guests and relax poolside at the estate’s luxury hotel with everyone you love close by.

Experience the best from one of Italy’s most historic estates.

Conti Di San Bonifacio, Tuscany

Italy is the centre of wine across Europe and, to some, the world. In true Italian fashion, Conti Di San Bonifacio, Tuscany has created a wine resort for the most avid wine lovers. Tuscany is not just a place to visit, it is a way of life for both travellers and Italians. Come see exactly how and why wine is so important in Tuscany’s best wine resort.

Rustic enough to feel the roots of old Italian families from centuries bursting from the stone constructs and woodwork but renovated with modern amenities we’ve come to appreciate and expect from a 5-star resort, the Conti Di San Bonifacio resort has it all.

Learn the intricate details of the wine-making process and discover why Italians are so passionate about their most famous export. Attend wellness treatments beneath the Tuscan sun to restore and rejuvenate not just the body but the mind as well. Stroll the grounds and imagine what it was once like to gaze upon untouched soil and wonder what could be harvested from it. Taste real, organic food grown from the very earth beneath your feet.

Discover the essence of Tuscany, at Conti Di San Bonifacio.

Conti Di San Bonifacio Weddings

Conti Di San Bonifacio weddings offer a more natural and secluded wedding experience. Perched atop one of the valleys most enticing hills, you will feel as if everyone lucky enough to attend your wedding are the only ones left on earth. There is nothing more Italy than never-ending pastures of vineyard trees; if you’re after the true Italian wedding experience, there is no better place to find it.

With space for all of the loved ones in your life, you can embrace the feeling of love that envelopes the entire region and take it with you into a long, happy marriage. Organic food, fresh olive oil and wine that flows forever are staples of a healthy life and a healthy union together, which begins with your wedding celebration.

If you love wine and believe as deeply as the Italians do how important it is to life, you need to book Conti Di San Bonifacio for your big day.

Dimora delle Balze, Sicily

Dimora delle Balze, Sicily is the epitome of rustic, classic Italian charm.

Nestled in the hills of the beautiful Italian countryside, the property is steeped in romance and magic. Surrounded on all sides by nature it is not a place that you might stumble upon, but a place that you seek out when not just your body but your soul as well needs a recharge. Be consumed by the mystical hills and the scents of jasmine, lavender and rose that waft in warm gusts. Watch countless Sicilian sunsets dip softly behind the hills and blanket the landscape in a golden glow. Feel the energy of the centuries-old property and the stories that its walls and grounds hold onto. Be enveloped in the magic of Dimora delle Balze estate.

Well preserved in time, the estate echos the historic memories that have graced its rooms, each with a story to tell and the unique designs to tell them. While updated amenities make the property comfortable for travellers, the evocative hold that the rustic charm of the estate has on you is not lost.

Located between two cities in Sicily but far enough away to have your own slice of seclusion, it is intimate luxury at its best. Spend evenings on the terrace watching the skies change or afternoons dipping in the pool, all while being enchanted by the natural landscape that spans in every direction.

Sicily Weddings Dimora delle Balze

Dimora delle Balze Weddings

If you want a truly magical, intimate wedding, Dimora delle Balze weddings will not disappoint. Organize your picture-perfect wedding amongst the fragrant, ripe Sicilian fruits and flowers, amidst overflowing gardens and in charming courtyards, transformed for you and your guests.

Nature is a highlight of this amazing property, making it the perfect place to a host a wedding them wants to emphasize nothing but love. Think simple, thing earthy, think rustic charm with contemporary elements. With nothing to distract from each others company and spirit, it is the perfect place to share and laugh and love together.

Your Italian countryside dream venue is complete and in great hands at Dimora delle Balze estate.

Il Borro, Tuscany

Il Borro is the perfect blend of classic Italy and modern luxury. The sprawling, rustic estate may look like any traditional villa but it is so much more than that on the inside. With luxe fabrics, contemporary decor and 21st-century touches, it is the ultimate retreat for anyone looking for the true Italian experience, with the comforts of a 5-star, metropolitan hotel. Il Borro, Tuscany is the perfect retreat for the family, with so much to do and so much beautiful nature to soak in.

Each suite of the 38 exclusive suites is adorned with chic, Italian inspired decor, luxuriously comfortable bedding and linens and upgraded bathrooms. Some suites even come with a Turkish bath with views into the garden, for the ultimate relaxation in the privacy of your own space.

Don’t just taste the foods of Italy; learn how they are made and even forage for your own truffles. Don’t just see the landscape from afar; explore it for yourself by bike or horse. Don’t just get a good night’s rest; drift into a peaceful, bliss-filled sleep after the massage of a lifetime. At Il Borro, it is so much more than a luxury resort; it is an experience that will leave you wanting to return before you’ve even left.

il borro weddings tuscany

Il Borro Weddings

If you want your guests to have access to a range of activities and amenities while still absorbing the authentic Italian culture, than Il Borro weddings will take your breath away.

Let everyone in your wedding party get ready in the ultimate relaxation with hair, makeup and wellness programmes specially designed for wedding parties. The entire estate can be customized for up to 160 people and rented out for a full 2-3 days.

Il Borro weddings emphasize luxury and over-the-top romance. Think draped fabrics, glimmering crystals and flower bouquets the size of tables. After all, your marriage should be an expression of you and should be bold and enchanting. Customize the space to reflect each of your personalities and accentuate the beauty of the love between you both.

Il Palagio, Tuscany

Il Palagio, Tuscany is one of the most intimate and beautiful properties on this list. Found overlooking the picturesque Tuscan town of Figline Valdarno in the Chianti region, the villa, guest houses, vineyards and olive groves are as well-maintained as they are inviting. Used as a summer home for Sting and his wife, the property has the distinct feel of a family-oriented, lived in retreat. Here you will find no sterile hallways or generic decor, only family heirlooms, historic architecture and greenery that snakes its way around the house for a truly unique look.

“Il Palagio is like stepping into a painting. And one of my favourite places on Earth. I hope you fall in love with it as much as I have.” — Sting

Il Palagio stands out for a number of reasons, not counting its famous owner. The property harvests not just their own wine and olive oil but also homegrown honey as well. Find a myriad of various honey flavours and savor the sweetness of the valley in a way only honey can offer. Finally, Il Palagio embraces the earth and what it offers with open arms, you will find only sustainably grown produce and vegetation.

Here, you will never feel far from home. Here, you will always return to the true Italian roots. Here, you are at peace.

Il Palagio Weddings in Tuscany

Il Palagio Weddings

Few offer a more intimate and romantic experience in the Italian countryside than Il Palagio. Reserve the entire property and meet the ultimate sense of comfort. Choose your wedding day layout from: gardens, wine cellar, courtyard, terrace or loggia. Customize it exactly as you’d like with lavish details or understated touches. Embrace whatever you feel is most naturally you, a philosophy Sting and his wife live by and encourage their guests to live by.

Because the owners of the property have raised 2 generations of family at the villa and on the estate grounds, the entire property echoes this at-home feel effortlessly. It is the perfect place to let your family’s bond, laugh and dance beneath the Tuscan sky.

Hire Il Palagio for your wedding and be swept away by the magic that Sting and his family have experienced for years; let their home become your home, if only for a weekend.

Masseria Potenti, Puglia

On 130 hectares of land in the countryside of Manduria, the epic 16th century estate of Masseria Potenti, Puglia rests.

One of the most unique farmhouses in the area, guests of the Masseria Potenti can enjoy seclusion and comfort from their own private suites. Each suite includes its own living room, fireplace and private garden, as well as shared access to the wellness center, dramatic swimming pool and farm-to-table fine-dining, grown right onsite. Rooms are uniquely decorated but simultaneously housed within the cooling stone walls of the estate.

Enjoy relaxation, sprawling views of Italy’s finest nature and traditional decor from this one-of-a-kind property that mixes Mediterranean style with international glam.

Masseria Potenti Weddings Puglia Apulia

If you can’t decide between a venue that has Mediterranean style and traditional Italian farmland, this is the location for you and your partner. The farmhouse is steeped in luxury but also has much of the estate’s original, rustic design and architecture. Enjoy access to the pool but also have the option to take a dip in the Ionian sea, located not far from the property. Savor the tastes of Italy’s best right outside your own suite’s front door and enjoy a full meal from the prepared farm-to-table menu. Opt for tons of embellishments or simple touches. Play with colors or embrace nature’s muted tones – it’s all up to you.

There is something for everyone which is what makes this location perfect for a unique and all-encompassing wedding weekend.

With a white aesthetic and natural landscape stretched far in every direction, your canvas is free to paint whatever picture your dream wedding looks like.

Masseria Torre Coccaro and Coccaro Beach Club, Puglia

Puglia is one of the most unique areas of Italy. Located at the ‘heel’ of Italy’s characteristic boot shape, it is home to both countryside relaxation and beachy bliss. In Puglia, you will find meandering vineyard paths and acres upon acres of open vegetation but you will also find idyllic beaches and long stretches of Mediterranean waters.

Masseria Torre Coccaro, Puglia, has expertly mastered both landscapes and offers visitors several sides of Italy. Not only is the building a beautifully maintained XVI-century estate, but it rests on over 800-year-old olive grove land. You can also find almond trees, carob trees and rolling hills of wide pastures surrounding the now-restored 5-star country house.

You can also find a chapel dating to 1730, luxury suites, 5-star dining, a golf club, beach access and even a spa. There is truly nothing you can’t find on the stunning Masseria Torre Coccaro property.

Masseria Torre Coccaro Weddings Puglia

Masseria Torre Coccaro Weddings

Host your own Masseria Torre Coccaro wedding and see for yourself everything the estate has to offer. It is country chic. It is beach bliss. It is tradition to marry luxury. It is anything you want your event to be and much more.

Your guests will revel in the many activities and choices offered to them in the local area and you will delight in all of the ways you can customize the most important day of your life. Experience a different way to plan your big day.

Monaci delle Terre Nere, Sicily

The Monaci delle Terre Nere, Sicily is possibly the most unique accommodation in Sicily. Located on the slopes of Mount Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe, the historic estate offers dramatic views of the countryside and the Mediterranean. Perched high above the valley, there is no escaping the charm of this location, chosen in the 18th Century by monks of St. Anne’s order, and the grand estate.

Another appeal of the dramatic property is the multitude of possibilities offered. Stargazing tours, horseback riding, holistic massages and real Sicilian music are just the beginning. From traditional Sicilian cooking classes that are anything but typical to tasting wine crafted from volcanic earth-grown grapes, you will get a taste of the real Sicily throughout your stay.

Monaci delle Terre Nere is a haven of natural Italian landscape; in staying true to that form, the estate growns organic produce and uses handmade cleaning products that are free of chemicals and additives. The hotel offers a charging point for electric vehicles and serves homemade, fresh food in nearly all of their dining facilities. If you value sustainable living as much as they do, Monaci delle Terre Nere is the resort or venue for you.

The hotel boasts 12 suites and 8 rooms that are an ideal mix of rustic country charm and modern decor. With exposed wood beam ceilings, original stonework and dramatic terraces, no guest is ever disappointed.

sicily weddings venues

Monaci delle Terre Nere Weddings

A Monaci delle Terre Nere wedding leaves nothing to be desired. The estate has hosted hundreds of weddings and invites you to begin the next chapter of your own love story with them. Embrace the unique landscape and the unconventional setting of the stunning eco-certified boutique hotel; how many others are able to say “we were married on the slopes of a volcano?”

Share your fiery love story with the world by igniting your special day on the soil of an active volcano.

A love story itself, this property is one of the most special slices of land in the Italian countryside. If you want your wedding venue to be in the Italian hills but can’t give up the ocean view, Monaci delle Terre Nere will check every box.

Villa Cetinale, Tuscany

Villa Cetinale, Tuscany is perhaps the most Roman property listed. The 17th Century villa, located near Siena, Italy, was built in the Roman Baroque style by Cardinal Flavio Chigi for Pope Alexander VII — Fabio Chigi. The sprawling, winding gardens are regarded by many as some of the most beautiful in all of Italy.

The estate is recognizable even from far away, with dramatic, towering architecture and perfectly manicured gardens. The rooms are ornately decorated in florals that echo the gardens just outside and four-post beds, flowing curtains and dark, rich wood makes the estate exquisitely traditional Italian. Even much of the Baroque-style painted walls still remain.

Spend hours strolling the gardens and imagining the royalty and politicians who were once populated the grounds of the estate. Or, book the entire property for an unforgettable event.

top tuscany wedding venues

Villa Cetinale Weddings

If your dream wedding looks will be completed by lush, manicured Italian gardens, there is no where else to have your big day then Villa Cetinale. Villa Cetinale weddings are as classically Italian as we can imagine, with great halls decorated in classic Baroque design and artwork and the most beautiful garden venue in Tuscany, the estate is practically begging to be used for a wedding.

Accommodation details include booking not 1 but 3 villas to house your guests. Dine in the garden or beneath a tree-lined tunnel in the shade. Dance beneath the stars or in lavishly decorated halls. Embrace the traditional decor or add a modern spin to the estate.

Villa Cetinale is the perfect venue for the old soul, the history buff or the lover of art. Your wedding will be a part of an elite, historic group of other romance stories – but still uniquely yours.

Villa Tasca, Sicily

“At Villa Tasca, I knew the full beauty, the noble and peaceful splendor, of Palermo’s pure and immense light” (Anna de Noailles, 1913).

The romantic Villa Tasca, Sicily was built in the 1500’s and guards some of Sicily’s most idyllic, Victorian-era gardens. It is both a historic releck and a family home, where guests can become amongst such great names to visit the grounds as Jacqueline Kennedy, King Ferdinand IV, Queen Caroline, Bismarck and Margherita di Savoia. Even the surrounding area is similarly littered with noble villas, estates of royalty and historic Italian landmarks.

“Whomever descends from Monreale towards Palermo has, before their eyes, a landscape whose pleasantness and delightfulness can’t be equaled.” Michele Lessona, Volere è Potere (where there’s a will, there’s a way). 1969

The main garden behind Villa Tasca allow the viewer to travel to the fascinating period in time between the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution. Viewers will both have the ability to admire species of botanical plants from all over the world and be in the company of some of Italy’s most loved flora. There are also two more gardens, the Irregular Garden and The Romantic Garden.

best sicily wedding venues

Villa Tasca Weddings

For a vintage inspired, dreamy wedding, Villa Tasca weddings are sure to deliver. Having been the venue for many grand celebrations for important families and nobles throughout history in Italy, the estate is no stranger to hosting amazing, over-the-top affairs. Events have not lost their dramatic, royal appeal since the construction of the property and its amazing gardens.

Organize small and large events, with the use of the grand estate as well as the famous gardens. For a true fairytale feel on your big day, Villa Tasca can’t be outdone.

Zash, Sicily

As you approach, Zach Hotel appears to be another Italian estate. Once you step through the door, it is so clear it is anything but. Allow yourself to be engulfed by the modern luxury that is Zash Country Boutique Hotel.

Deep in nature, you will love the feeling of total seclusion and relaxation at Zash. Upon further investigation, the modern amenities within the property will both astound you and encourage your ultimate comfort.

Choose from staying in 1 of three unique locations on the property: In the house (where you will find sleek, clean designs), In the wine cellar (where you will experience just as much modern design but also enjoy the quiet, cool atmosphere of the cellar) or In the green (where your glass walls open to the beautiful gardens themselves and encourage the ultimate connection with nature).

Zash has an onsite spa, restaurant and stunning, lengthy infinity pool. Zash Boutique Hotel is your solution to unwinding in nature without giving up the modernity you’ve become accustomed to. Sit poolside and gaze at the amazing mountains in the distance, receive 5-star wellness treatments or dine in unique locations, like the former wine cellar.

sicily luxury wedding venues zash

Zash Weddings Venue

Rent the contemporary Zash Hotel for all of your guests to be taken care of in the most elegant comfort. One of the most extraordinary locations for a chic, countryside wedding, Zash is refined elegance in a boutique hotel. Customize your event for a number of party sizes and choose the specifics of your venue: host your wedding outside in the gardens or by the pool or opt for one of the amazing settings inside as well, such as the wine cellar.

The Zash Hotel is a new way to do Italian countryside weddings, an unconventional choice for the couple that wants to be traditional with a new-age spin. Find yourself simultaneously in nature and with access to every amenity you’re used to; no need for you or your guests to have to give anything up on your big day.

– Wedding Venues in Historical Towns –


If you want to continue your love story in one of Italy’s most loved towns, love to experience nightlife as part of your celebration or desire a more traditional wedding venue, one of Design Anarchy’s historical town locations is ideal for you and your partner.

Cipriani Venice

Venice Wedding Venues

A Venetian classic, the Cipriani Venice is vintage glamour at its best. Located on the island of Giudecca, it is just a few minutes by boat to St. Mark’s Square. Belmond Hotel Cipriani is as distinctly ‘Venice’ as a boutique hotel can get. One can find lagoon views from many of the hotel’s windows along with ornate, over-the-top decor; picture dreamy painted ceilings, gold-leaf accents and ample, flowing fabrics.

The hotel was constructed in 1956 with the builder, Giuseppe Cipriani’s, vision for the hotel to be a haven for travelers seeking some peace from the bustle of the center of the city without being far from the action. He realized he achieved this haven as visitors from all around the world started pouring in and haven’t stopped since.

The luxuriously decorated rooms invite a sense of relaxation while the opportunity for activities span from wine tours to cooking classes and from perfume museums to lagoon tours, for the more adventurous guest. Since there’s no other way to see Venice than from the water, why not board a boat and be astounded. A visit to the Belmond Hotel Cipriani is one of the most authentic ways to see the City of Canals, one of the world’s most unique municipalities.

weddings in venice cipriani

Cipriani Weddings

Venice is the city of romance; the absence of roads and cars makes it a quiet city and visitors tend to unwind, relax and simply meander, like the canals themselves that snake their way through Venice. With that in mind, a wedding in Venice seems only fitting for the most romantic day of your lives. Arrive and depart via softly moving gondola, welcome guests in the same place Casanova once did and exchange sacred vows beneath century-old vines and chiseled statues. It is the place where fairy tales were born; create your own love story with Cipriani weddings.

The Cipriani Hotel property is bursting with romance. From archways dripping with freshly opened flowers to lagoon-facing terraces framed by skylines that light up bright as the night goes on, it is truly the venue of your dreams.

venice weddings


Aman, Venice

Set in one of Venice’s eight famous palazzos on the Grand Canal, Aman Venice is authentic Venetian at its deepest roots. The grandeur that drapes each and every room rivals that of some museums; find true works of art in the artwork itself but also the ceiling, floors, detail on the walls and even in the furniture that adorns the rooms of the Aman Hotel.

Stepping into the Aman Venice is like stepping foot into the past, although with considerably more comfortable room accommodations and far better service. The Neo-Renaissance majesty is conveniently located in one of the most central areas of the entire city and offers the only palazzo in Venice with two gardens, along with a full wellness center and 5-star dining.

For those that truly want to take a step back in time and soak in the luxury of old-Italy, Aman Venice is the wedding venue for you.

aman venice weddings

Aman Weddings

Aman is for the duo that loves to revel in the classics and embrace a simpler time, a time where one’s only concern was for beautiful art, literature and music. The well-maintained and appropriately celebrated culture of Venice is perhaps represented better nowhere else but at the Aman Venice. For a true Venetian love story of your own, Aman wedding is the venue for you.

Aman Venice represents each piece of your love story in the most beautiful way, highlighting your unique personalities and desires for your guests without sacrificing the charm of old-school Venice in any way. A wedding at Aman Venice will leave no detail unturned and no guest unsatisfied; let the loving atmosphere of the city wash over you, your party and your guests while we take care of the details.

All of the best love stories begin here.

Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice

Built in the 15th Century by the Bembo family, the Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Venice, has undergone many changes since being erected. The palace became the residence of a branch of the noble Pisani family, the Pisani Moretta branch, hence the palace’s name. Over the years, it has been modified and renovated, reaching its current state in the 18th Century. Much of the existing decor dates back to that era of the 18th Century.

Well-known guests of the palace include Tsar Paul I of Russia, Josephine de Beauharnais and Joseph II the Holy Roman Emperor. The facade of the palace is a Venetian Gothic style with the inside being decorated by mostly Baroque artists; each detail is more intricate than the last.

To feel like true, noble royalty, step inside the Palazzo Pisani Moretta.

Palazzo Pisani Moretta Weddings

Palazzo Pisani Moretta Weddings

While many of the venues on this list emulate royalty and grandeur, this palace actually is a place of nobility. Palazzo Pisani Moretta weddings are some of the most exquisite in all of Italy – with halls decorated by some of the most talented and influential artists of the 18th Century, you can have your special day exactly where royal banquets were once held.

Grand halls can accommodate very large groups of people while the location is ideal for groups that want to keep the party going long after the reception ends. Find yourself swept away in the romance and magic that has attracted people from around the world to Venice for centuries.

Paolino, Capri

Paolino Capri is something straight from the pages of a history book or folk story. Find yourself enveloped by the rustic charm of Italy beneath a thick blanket of lemon tree canopy. Dine where many stars and legends have and see why this small Italian eatery has become something of a big deal.

Capri is magic on its own; the idyllic island is categorized by rugged cliffs and brilliant blue waves, along with upscale dining and shopping. That, coupled with Paolino De Martino’s love of traditional food and culture, make Paolino Capri so special. Step back from the designer fashions and mega-yachts of the wealthy and experience a true Italian meal in the company of family. Paolino is home-cooked, it is a neighbourly embrace, and it is a place for families to come back to generation after generation.

Come to Capri for the island escape and lavish holiday amenities, and stay for Paolino De Martino’s fresh seafood, homemade wine and familiar faces.

Paolino Weddings

If you want that feel of a more personal, more intimate wedding experience that you haven’t found in a larger, resort Capri venue, Paolino is the place for you. Paolino De Martino has treated all of his guests like family since the opening of his small restaurant; you and your Paolino wedding guests will be no exception.

Imagine long tables overflowing with plates of fresh seafood, pasta and bottles of wine, laid out carefully on white tablecloths beneath a thick canopy of trees. As branches bow low from the weight of flowers and ripe, juicy lemons, you reach up and pluck one of those lemons from just above while your guests revel in the love shared between you or your partner. Swap stories and laughter beneath the thick trees and glistening lights; feel both comfortably at home and transported to a whole new realm of possibilities.

Rain or shine, make the Paolino terrace your own little paradise, safe amongst the trees.

Villa Aurelia, Rome

Villa Aurelia is set just steps from the famous St. Peter’s Basilica, in a large, private park. The Villa is comfortable and relaxing enough for an intimate wedding, without being far from the most well-loved sights of the city.

weddings in rome villa aurelia

Villa Aurelia Weddings

For the best location in Rome for your big day, a Villa Aurelia wedding is a clear choice. Rome, just as the whole of Italy, is a city known for romance. Celebrate your big day within beautifully decorated spaces, quiet gardens and enjoying a breathtaking view of the capital. You and all of your guests will thrive off of the energy and excitement that Rome has in store for you.

Book Villa Aurelia for your wedding and let Rome transform your wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

Villa Gamberaia

Florence Wedding Venues

After Rome and Venice, Florence is likely the most well-known city in Italy and for good reason as well. Known by many as the centre of art and culture in Italy, Florence is teeming with beautiful architecture, museums filled with famous works of art and marble sculptures around every corner. Villa Gamberaia, Florence, highlights the city’s most loved features particularly well.

Built in the 1600s and made famous for its luscious gardens, Villa Gamberaia is perched high above the city on the hills of Florence. The gardens are perhaps the most recognized aspect of the Villa, with perfectly manicured hedges, rows of trees that stretch far into the distance and dynamic, flowing fountains, they are truly an idyllic Italian landscape.

Admire the city of Florence from high above just as well as you can admire the rolling hills that surround the city. This beautiful villa is perfect for events and invites guests to get lost in the endless garden paths around every corner.

weddings in florence gamberaia

Villa Gamberaia Weddings

Villa Gamberaia’s unique location affords to span views of the hills surrounding Florence while the gardens themselves will be hard to tear your eyes from; a BBC-hosted documentary on Italian Gardens was even partially hosted here. Being not far from the city itself, Villa Gamberaia offers guests and hosts of a wedding many opportunities for exploration and activity.

Everything you need for your dream wedding is right at Villa Gamberaia, right at your fingertips. If you want an Italian garden wedding in the countryside hills, Villa Gamberaia is your perfect venue.

Villa Fontanelle, Florence

Villa Fontanelle, Florence has a colourful history. Originally a simple peasant farm, it was later handed over to the Medici family. Cosimo de’ Medici donated it to Marsilio Ficino, a famous member of the Florentine Umanesimo following that, which later still became the Florentine Neoplatonic Academy. The grounds of the villa are quite stunning, with romantic gardens and historic decor throughout. It is one of the most well-maintained estates in Florence; a visit inside and around the villa will remind you just how luxurious the Italian people once were and still are.

The entire property is home to a villa, lush gardens and a full greenhouse. Elaborately adorned rooms make up the inside of the villa, with stone walls, imposing archways and even classic rugs and lighting pieces that mimic the original look and feel of the property.

villa fontanelle weddings florence

Villa Fontanelle Weddings

A dreamy villa perched on the Tuscan hilltops, Villa Fontanelle weddings offer a unique venue for any guest. Host your celebration amongst the stars outside, beneath trees of the terrace or even indoors in a more intimate setting.

With rooms for your guests, Villa Fontanelle is sure to be a memorable experience for everyone that has the honour of being in attendance.

If you value tradition, classic design and romantic, natural garden settings, Villa Fontanelle will not just satisfy your needs but exceed expectations. Enjoy sophisticated outdoor settings and comfortable, updated luxury accommodations. If you are in the mood for something unconventional, retire to The Fortress immediately following your celebration for an intimate and one-of-a-kind experience to share together. You will feel as if you’ve stepped back in time as this moment between the two of you will be frozen in time.

For a truly natural yet chic wedding that combines nature with modern comforts, Villa Fontanelle is the property you’ve been seeking for your perfect wedding.




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