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Lake Como Weddings

Weddings in Lake Como: a luxury location favourite.

Celebrities from India and many other countries plan their celebrations in the luxury venues of this lake. Here’s why.

lake como weddings

Italy has some of the most diverse natural landscapes in all of Europe. There is endless coastline that gives way to brilliant blue Mediterranean Seas, lush and rolling vineyard hills, sprawling modern cities maintaining historic architecture and, of course, stunning lakes. Whether you are interested in weddings in Lake Como, weddings in Rome or even a wedding outside of Italy, we will provide an unconventional, luxury destination wedding to celebrate the most special day of your lives.

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A Lake Como Wedding Planner to create your bespoke event

At Design Anarchy, we like to step outside of the typical wedding package and show our customers how much fun it can actually be to produce an amazing event.

All too often, wedding planning is regarded with a groan, an eye roll or even a concerned look.

Not with us.

weddings in lake como

We take over the tough stuff for you because, well, it’s not so tough for us! We have over a decade of experience producing Italian destination weddings all across Italy. Even better, we are a well-traveled team with experience abroad as well as at home in Italy.

However big your request, however seemingly tiny a detail, we’ve been there and can help make it happen.

Even our process is a little different:

  • Once you contact us, be prepared to fill out a short but in-depth questionnaire to help us get to know you and your vision
  • Then, we’ll want to set up a Skype call to discuss the answers to your questionnaire in more detail, determining if we are a good fit for each other
  • This is where you can decide how involved you want to be. While we want to regularly schedule calls or meetings to make sure we are staying on vision, let us take care of the minute details
  • From here, we get to know your family in ways other wedding planning services don’t even come close to. We want to make sure that each and every detail is in line with you, your partner and what you want your guests to experience.

Lake Como Wedding Venues

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So, you’ve chosen the beautiful, sprawling Lake Como for your wedding destination. First, great choice. Second, why is it such a great choice?

The picturesque lake is so inspiring, it has even been the setting and backdrop for many movies.

The lake itself is a large U shape, with a large peninsula of land dividing the two sides of the U; the tip of the U is known as the village of Bellagio. This village is well-known for its cobbled lanes, elegant-styled buildings and Villa Serbelloni Park, a garden terrace with panoramic views of the lake.

On each end of the U sits two more villages, Como on one side and Lecco on the other. Each is famous for being classic Italian villages that have well-maintained their history but Como is slightly more established while Lecco is more rural, being surrounded by mountains.

Mountains surround much of the lake and make up a postcard-perfect image from almost every corner of it.

It is difficult to talk about Italy without bringing up Lake Como.

In terms of a wedding, it is hard to find a more majestic location. With mountains, water, history and architecture, there is really something for everyone’s taste in Lake Como. As the location of many movies, celebrity homes and the site for holidays for both international visitors and native Italians, it is the ultimate in luxury.


venues lake como


Luxury weddings in the best way

Don’t let the term ‘unconventional’ scare you. We simply want to be recognized – to stand out, if you will – as a private event production team that does things a little differently in unconventional venues in Lake Como.

Do we believe in giving every bride her fairytale wedding? Of course!

Do we believe in pushing that bride beyond her expectations and original vision to find something she loves that doesn’t just say ‘fairytale’, but says ‘WOW!! This is like a scene from a movie!’? Yeah, we do!

It’s more than just a job for us; it’s a lifestyle. Creating not just beautiful events but perfectly styled, magazine-worthy, “I never could have even dreamed something this beautiful!” weddings.

We spend all of our time scouting the most amazing wedding locations in Italy – in Italy and beyond – and the most unique touches that we can bring to style your event. This can include:

  • Hanging lanterns
  • Polished silver
  • A cliff with a near birds-eye view of the Mediterranean Ocean
  • Brightly colored fans, masks, necklaces and props to make wedding pictures more fun
  • Vintage cars…and then the perfect flowers and greenery to decorate that car
  • Luxe fabrics from all over the world
  • Candles
  • The perfect tree with low hanging limbs for decoration or seating
  • Bold, woven rugs
  • Strings of lights to set the ceiling of your dance floor outside
  • Centerpieces that use all of 4 the elements
  • Antique china and the perfect table cloth
  • A sculpture garden, perfect for cocktail hour
  • Furs
  • Real animals
  • Throw pillows to add bright pops of color to your photos
  • The list goes on…..

We love more than anything to take all of the above and then some to style your wedding in ways you never knew could even make a difference.

We challenge you to tell guests “Wear white! Because I won’t be ;)”.

We want you to say “Ok this might not be possible but can you….” and watch us make it happen.

We want you to trust us. We are experts and we love what we do. Making your vision a reality is the best part of our “job” and we work tirelessly to make sure it’s not a job to you.

Take the leap.

Wedding “planning” has become too stagnant and mundane; all weddings look the same and all venues are identical.

Do you know how they say “It will all go by so fast you won’t even remember your wedding day!”? Well we want to make sure you do. Design Anarchy by Chic Weddings creates weddings that will leave lasting memories for you and your guests.

We know if you’re looking for weddings in Lake Como, Puglia, Florence or another destination in beautiful Italy, then you’re already a little different, a little bolder and a little more fun.

Which are the best wedding venues in Lake Como?


If a classic Italian, Lake Como wedding is what your dream day looks like, there is no better location than the dreamy Grand Hotel Tremezzo and Villa Sola Cabiati. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one of the most stunning 5-star accommodations in Lake Como.


For the ultimate luxury, VILLA CASSINELLA, LAKE COMO can’t be beaten. Nestled amongst sprawling, perfectly manicured gardens, the property includes a main Villa and a terrace house, each with their own appeal. The highest level of exclusivity, Villa Cassinella has its own cinema and gym onsite, in addition to world-class amenities and extravagant details.


If you still haven’t found a villa magical enough for your stay on Lake Como, your search is now over. Villa Pliniana & Hotel Sereno, Lake Como are what you’ve been looking for.

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