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Revamp your property


Revamp your property – style your interiors

Our service is directed at the owners of stunning private properties or boutique retreats that could benefit from a revamp of their positioning to reach a discerning clientele and succeed in the private events market.

We offer advice and consultancy ensuring that a venue achieves that delicate balance of uniqueness and flexibility to adapt to the client’s vision and personal requirements.

Our expert team analyses where your venue stands in term of brand and aesthetic, and direct you on how to bring it to the next step – attracting the correct audience.

Our customised offering includes:

  1. Restyling consulting aimed at the development of private events
  2. Venue rental proposition, services and pricing strategy for private events
  3. Fixture/furniture/soft goods selection and purchasing to create the right ambience
  4. Recommendations for contractors such as interior photographers, brand identity firms, private chefs and other vendors that might be required to implement specific services for your guests
  5. Hospitality consultation including choosing the right daily details from linens to crockery
  6. In house event production team set up
  7. Out of house coordination of your private events

If you own or manage a venue which has been under the radar, you believe your venue has many positive aspects and you are not looking for a complete reset but to leverage what you have, your venue has all the right cards to be unique and successful – but somehow you are not 100% there yet, then CONTACT US for a chat.


Past clients:

Principe di Salina, Aeolian Islands

Forte San Giorgio, Capraia Island

In addition to our full property revamp service, we also offer a customised styling for PHOTO SHOOTS.





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Amsterdam +31 641287337
Venice +39 347 1057041