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I used to be so delusional. I always imagined I could be more than I was, and eventually I grew and evolved into that person. (Lady Gaga)


June 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 2021


1. JOIN US:  The Camp is composed of 4 days. You may choose to book only the main first day, or to add the other days in sequence. It will be an intimate affair with limited spaces.

2. WHERE: Immersed in the Venetian Countryside & the Venetian Lagoon, exploring artisans’ studios.

3. WHY: Because Creativity matters as it makes whatever project we embark on unique & special. Anyone can be creative. It’s not about being eccentric, colourful or artistic, it’s instead about thinking outside the box, beyond what our eyes or analytical mind see. It’s about being capable of a vision, of transforming the current reality into something else, it’s about believing in our intuitive powers to create & attract.

4. HOW: Through a variety of labs covering art, craft, awareness, music, slow food, outdoor activities to reconnect with nature, lots of styling, practical exercises to help you brainstorm in an innovative manner, we will learn to express our powers and scout trends inside us instead of following what society tells us. We will educate the creative muscle and learn how to unlock it and regularly train it.

5. WHO: This Camp is for anyone who wants to boost their capacity to generate ideas with like-minded participants that are searching for their inner creativity or renewed inspiration, whatever their profession or lifestyle.

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Empowering retreats

Our retreats aim at reconnecting with our pure heart and at learning to trust our intuition.
Be uncommon, be unique, be you.
This has always been our motto and we fight hard to live by it every single day.
Through quality time spent with like-minded people in a positively charged environment, we appreciate the beauty of our individuality and rediscover our talents.

We organise day, weekend and weekly retreats in Italy and around the globe, in the buzz of life or in deeply meditative settings, partnering up with Masters in different arts who can inspire us and help us thrive in our creative path.

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'Why spend your whole life trying to be somebody that you’re not? It’s so much more fun to be yourself', Lady Gaga




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Amsterdam +31 641287337
Venice +39 347 1057041