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One Of The Top 10 Best Wedding Planners. Discover Why.

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While Design Anarchy is one of the top 10 best wedding planners, in Italy and beyond, we are so much more than just another wedding planning company. Although you’ve probably heard that before, we promise you’ll start to see the Design Anarchy difference almost instantly. When it comes to attention to detail, luxury decor, unbelievable venues and a perfectly coordinated event, there is no comparison.

Don’t believe it yet? View our weddings portfolio or keep reading to experience Design Anarchy for yourself.

The Design Anarchy Process

Design Anarchy does things a little differently.

Because we have a lot of international clientele coming to Italy for destination weddings, we’ve become accustomed to a flexible approach to managing your planning details.

No matter where you are, schedule regular meetings with us a number of ways: in-person, via phone or on Skype. This way, there is less pressure to attend in-person meetings and iron out details that could have easily been done over the phone or video chat.

We want you to be as involved as you want. If you trust us completely – as you should – let us take care of the details and only call when we absolutely need to. If you prefer to have more control, we can call or meet as often as you’d like.


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The days leading up to your big day shouldn’t be overwhelming. Let us handle the stressful parts and you get back to enjoying your last few months as an engaged couple.

Part of the way we handle things so smoothly is by getting to know you and your partner well. When you first get in contact with us, you will be asked to fill out a short but in-depth questionnaire that will give us some insight as to who you are and what your vision for your wedding is.

From this we will learn what is most important, what isn’t such a big deal to you guys and the little things we can do to make sure the final product is exactly what you envisioned, or even better.

Is it important that everyone looks great in pictures? We’ll make sure the lighting is ideal.

Is it important that everyone feel welcome? We’ll make sure that every religion feels respected and honoured – or maybe that all of the details are non-denominational if you’d prefer.

Is it important that the kids have room to run and play so the adults can talk freely? We’ll find you the perfect venue for (safe) fun.

Is it most important that the day be as unforgettable as possible? Don’t worry, unconventional is our middle name.


Speaking of unconventional…

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What sets Design Anarchy apart as one of the top 10 best wedding planners is our ability to elevate an event above even your wildest imagination and craft the unexpected. We do this many ways; here are just a few:

  • We are not simply wedding planners; we are wedding producers. We put on private, elegant events that are carefully organized, down to the last detail, from a full 360 degrees. That means we look closely at the minute elements as well as the bigger picture. We have successfully produced hundreds of weddings over a decade and know exactly how each element both works together and individually, from experience.
  • We are not simply event space ‘decorators’; we are stylists. By traversing the globe, we have come across the best decor and traditions that make each event unique and beautiful. We specialize in trends and style, crafting an event that looks great, stands out and is functional for everyone attending. By seeing the bigger picture and envisioning it all coming together, we can craft beautifully designed spaces and attendees.
  • We bring together unexpected elements. Instead of combining the usual floral arrangements or bringing out the folding plastic chairs and white tablecloths, we like to create something totally YOU and totally unforgettable. Picture: indoor furniture outside, luxe fabrics and bold colours. Picture: Woven rugs, updated, buffet-style tables overflowing with the freshest ingredients and strings of lights as far as the eye can see. Picture: A rustic table and muted colour pallet, sprawling views and a water taxi coming to whisk you to your honeymoon.
  • We make it easy for you to enjoy yourself. It sounds foolish to say “you should enjoy yourself on your wedding day” because of course, you should! But often, that’s not what ends up happening. Instead, the bride and groom end up handling most of the details, from small to large, and can’t properly enjoy their own party. At Design Anarchy, we manage everything so you don’t have to, starting from the beginning of the planning and going as far as the big day itself.
  • We make the entire process fun. Boring wedding planning is a thing of the future; we want you to enjoy the process, our process, and learn something about yourselves while you do. Be prepared to be surprised by what you discover. We can’t wait to open your eyes.

Top 10 wedding planner for a reason

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We didn’t earn a spot as one of the top wedding planners in Italy for nothing. Through tireless searching, countless perfectly orchestrated events and thousands of happy wedding guests, we’ve earned our spot.

Design Anarchy isn’t just an Italian company. Born in Italy with two founders, Eva & Clara, with Italian roots, we have gone beyond just Italy to make a name for ourselves.

We have experience in Bali, Ibiza, Marrakech, London, Amsterdam, Cote d’Azur and more. Our favourite venues in Italy are Capri weddings, Venice, Amalfi, Puglia, Rome and Florence.

Don’t see your dream destination listed? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

We cover everything required to bring your dream wedding experience to life, such as venue scouting, event design, entertainment, catering and dining, activities, transfers, accommodation and supervision.

There’s a reason Design Anarchy is one of the top 10 best wedding planners.




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