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Weddings in Puglia

Weddings in Puglia. A selection of the best masserias.

Whether it’s a castle, a villa, a hotel or a masseria, getting married in Puglia will make your wedding in Italy truly unforgettable.


Puglia wedding at Masseria Potenti


Dreaming of having an Italian wedding is not unusual; who wouldn’t want their big day hosted in a country that knows love, food and family better than most? The only problem is finding a wedding company that not only helps you host your wedding in Italy but allows you to put your own spin, your own touch, on the event. Design Anarchy has been making weddings in Puglia special for over 10 years.

See how it’s done, or view our wedding portfolio and venues to start experiencing the Design Anarchy difference.

Why getting married in Puglia?

Why would you want to host a wedding in Puglia, Italy? There are too many reasons to even list them all.

Puglia is a region in Italy that is best pictured as the heel of Italy’s “boot” shape. Jutting into the ocean, everywhere in Puglia is very near to the coastline of the famous Mediterranean Sea.


weddings in puglia italy


Puglia’s architecture varies greatly from whitewashed, seaside towns aligning the cliffs above the sea to Baroque-style buildings, from Roman amphitheatres to rustic, sprawling Italian vineyards that extend far inland.

There is a little something for everyone in Puglia; history, picturesque white-sand beaches and even modern dining and accommodation.

Hosting a wedding in Puglia is something you and your guests will always remember. With vast and awe-inspiring views perched high above the sea and winding, cobbled, Mediterranean streets for plenty of romantic daydreaming, it will be an event that blows all others away.

Because Puglia is home to many small cities and varied regions within it, you can choose exactly the setting you want to host your big day in.

Do you love ocean views? Do you want a traditional wedding amongst classic architecture? Or maybe you prefer a lush vineyard bursting with vegetation? Whichever sounds most like you, Puglia is your spot.

Even you haven’t been to Puglia, book with no hesitation and prepare to be amazed; we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Wedding Planners Puglia

Design Anarchy doesn’t just stop at finding dream wedding venues. We go above and beyond to make sure that you never picture wedding planning the same way again.

What does this mean?


wedding decorations


It means we prefer to call our employees a team and even go one step further to label your personal team members as “stylists” and “producers”. Because that’s what they are doing for your wedding, producing the perfect event, organizing to the very last detail, and styling every piece until it looks just perfect.

You don’t want a corporate-feeling, impersonal crew planning the most important day of your life.

You want real people, working with you and your family every step of the way, getting to know you and understand what will take your day from great to unbelievable.

We approach each event from every direction, kicking off your experience off with an in-depth questionnaire that will help us start to get to know you and your wedding party. From there, the choice is yours. Be involved as little or as much as you want.

Be prepared to use all five of your senses to plan with us. Be prepared to be surprised by what we discover.

At Design Anarchy, we aren’t just involved from an outside perspective; we are your event, coming from all angles, approaching in unexpected and bold ways that will make all of your guests and wedding party say “Wow!”.

Destination wedding Puglia, Italy

While Design Anarchy is a mostly Italian-based event planning experience, there is more than just Italy running through our roots.

We have spread far and wide across the globe, to calm our own wanderlust and to bring back traditions, fabrics, souvenirs and more that influence all of our present-day weddings.

We’re familiar with the exotic locations of Bali, Marrakech, Ibiza, The French Riviera and more.


wedding table puglia


For 10+ years we’ve been searching for the best wedding venues in Italy, the best wedding traditions and the best decor.

We are the perfect wedding planning experience for you if:

  • You and your partner love to travel and want that feeling emulated at your wedding
  • You and your partner are a mixed-race or multi-cultural couple and want both sides of your life adequately represented
  • You want a destination wedding but aren’t interested in tacky packages or an inauthentic experience

If this sounds like you, our team of international experts from several countries is here to deliver all that and much more.

Puglia Wedding Venues

Browse our list of the top wedding venues in Puglia here.

A bold take on a sacred tradition

We aren’t here to tell you traditional weddings are boring and those classical ideas of romance don’t exist anymore. We are, however, here to define what a traditional wedding looks like and to reinvent the term “romance”.

A wedding means something different to everyone and no one’s idea of their perfect day is incorrect; it’s simply theirs.

We want you to consider contrast: Bold colours mixed with delicate fabrics, dramatic decor mixed with traditional china and vintage pieces mixed with modern luxury.

We want you to consider different: Costumes instead of black-tie attire, dripping chandeliers dangling high above from natural limbs and Venetian water taxis to whisk you away.

We want you to consider ultimate luxury: Luxe fabrics draped dramatically throughout, flickering candlelight adorning tables and real seating (we don’t mess with those plastic, folding chairs) plus real, high quality, mouthwatering food.

We don’t want you to consider anything less than the best, because it’s your day and you deserve it.

Have an unusual request?

There’s nothing we haven’t seen and nothing we can’t handle.

Go ahead, try to shock us. We welcome any chance to take on a bigger challenge or to take on something we never have before (seriously, try us!).

If you’ve always dreamt of weddings in Puglia, a reception in Venice or spending a night with your closest friends and family high above the Mediterranean, Design Anarchy can make everything you’ve dreamed of coming true – and then some. Become a part of our family, when you let us into yours.

Contact Design Anarchy today to experience the flexible, unusual, successful approach of a different kind of wedding planning service.

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