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Weddings in Rome

Weddings in Rome: History, Architecture & Style

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The best weddings are steeped in luxury, a blast from beginning to end and emulate romance at every turn. So how come so many fall short? Design Anarchy is a different kind of wedding production company, offering you fairytale weddings in unique locations with bold and trendy touches. Whether you’re dreaming of weddings in Rome, Lake Como or anywhere outside of beautiful Italy, Design Anarchy will deliver the event you’ve always wanted – and then some!

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Weddings in Italy – Rome: A city of history and style

Rome is widely regarded as one of the most culturally rich cities in the world.

At one time, the Ancient Romans were the most powerful civilization on earth, dominating everything from art, church and military presence, internationally.

Today, Rome has preserved much of that history and art, found in museums and throughout countless buildings across the city.

The capital city of Italy both preserves its famous history and welcomes modern growth. You can simultaneously be strolling down cobbled streets passing centuries-old buildings and perusing a modern shopping mall for some of the world’s most loved designer brands.

Speaking of designer brands, it is impossible to bring up Italy without mentioning the Italian’s impact on fashion and style.

While many think of Milan as the fashion capital of Italy, Rome is a close second and may even come out on top as Italy’s most fashion-forward city. Here, trends are born and modelling careers are made. Here, you’ll quickly see why the world loves Italian designers and looks to Italy for inspiration each season.

Whether you’re visiting to view artworks by Michelangelo or want to imagine the days of gladiators fighting to the death in the Colosseum, Rome captures you and takes a special place in your heart.

Weddings in Rome, for this reason, are something everyone will remember forever.


Trendy, fun and unexpected don’t even begin to cover it

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A Design Anarchy event is unlike any other wedding you’ve attended.

We go about wedding planning slightly differently than you’re probably used to, styling each moment down to the tiny details and orchestrating the event so you never have to worry about a thing.

We anticipate your needs long before you even do, staying one step ahead of you every second. You should never feel blindsided or confused during the most important day of your life.


What’s so different about how we do things?


At Design Anarchy, your weekend is more than just a party; it’s a celebration of you, your partner, and the people that helped to get you both where you are today.

Instead of ‘planning’ weddings, we like to say that we produce private events. The best wedding planners don’t just choose a colour scheme and flowers, we take the time and attention to style your event, elevating each element of the big day with thoughtful, unique choices.

Our process is different because it is flexible. We host a lot of weddings for international couples and their families. Because of this, we have developed a system in which we can communicate with you however you feel comfortable.

We’d love to talk to you as often or infrequently as your schedule allows, via phone, Skype video message or in-person; the choice is yours how involved or uninvolved you want to be.

If you’re someone who needs to oversee everything and hates being left out of even the tiniest detail, we understand and will fill you in, every step of the way.

If you don’t have time to be as involved and can put all of your trust in us, you have nothing to worry about and don’t need to check-in as often.

Our system works, as countless happy couples will tell you because we have the experience to produce the perfect event for any couple.

Over a decade worth of experience hosting hundreds of events in Italy and outside of Italy gives us the insider knowledge and confidence to do what we do….and do it well!

What if…?

No matter what your wildest “What if…” fantasy comes up with, we can make it happen for you.


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Design Anarchy previous events have included such unusual elements as:

  • Bright colours: We truly don’t believe that a wedding has to have a strict colour scheme. If you like colour, go ahead and throw it around your entire wedding. We like to make our events pop with colourful accents you wouldn’t expect to see like in the seating, in tablecloths and other dining settings and even in the bride’s ensemble
  • Indoor furniture outside: We’ve never really understood why other weddings stick to the folding, plastic chairs and leave the fun stuff inside. We bring elements from the inside, out, with comfortable, luxe seating, pillows and even woven rugs. The contrast of elements is fun, unexpected and looks beautiful
  • Movie-set venues: Have you ever pictured yourself exchanging vows on a cliff over the ocean? How about amongst the hills of a rolling vineyard or with Rome’s iconic Colosseum in the background? What about inside a hall that once housed Roman elite? We have scouted all of Italy and beyond to find the most romantic, dynamic, beautiful venues to leave guests in awe
  • Contrasting decor: Just like we love inside furniture outside, we love combining pieces that don’t usually go together for a unique look and feel. Think antique centrepieces amongst modern silver and china or a shimmering, over-the-top chandelier dangling unassumingly from a low-hanging tree-branch
  • Unusual attire: We have seen brides wear black and guests dressed in costume. We have seen black-tie attire in the middle of a rustic field and we have seen guests in grand ballrooms adorning festive masks. It’s your wedding; dress how you want and let your guests do the same
  • A cultural melting pot: Because we are lovers of travel and experiencing new cultures ourselves, we understand better than most that your ideal event might mean a culmination of more than one cultural tradition. Whether you are a mixed-race couple or just love to travel, we can combine elements from any number of traditions until we reach a perfect balance

Getting married in Rome

With each and every one of our customers, we learn something new. Throughout the entire duration of planning this event, we learn intimate details about you that even your close friends may not. This helps us better serve you and make decisions that will be totally aligned with your vision. In the end, we come out with more knowledge of what makes an event perfect and how to serve our future clientele.

You may not fall in love with the idea of weddings in Rome (although, if you ask us, you should) but you will fall in love with us and our concept for unconventional, unforgettable wedding experiences.

Contact Design Anarchy to learn more and get started right away.




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