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Amalfi Coast Weddings

Have you ever poured over images of picturesque Amalfi coast weddings and thought your own wedding would never match up?

We are here to make even the wildest dream you could imagine, a reality.

We want you to dream up the most luxurious, the most unique, and the most enchanting event possible, things you never thought could be possible, and then imagine all that and more coming true.


amalfi coast weddings


How do we do that at Design Anarchy? Where do we begin?

If you’re already sold, contact the expert Design Anarchy team to see just how amazing your wedding can be.


weddings in amalfi


The Amalfi Coast wedding you only dreamed was possible can be yours

The Amalfi Coast is one of Italy’s most prized features.

Perched high on the rugged Italian cliffside, the 50 kilometre stretch of land in Southern Italy is known for it’s jaw-dropping views and picturesque, pastel-coloured homes that dot the land above the sea.

Historic fishing villages lay below. Inland, find winding vineyards and fragrant lemon trees sprawling throughout the characteristic rolling Italian hills.

While this trademark coastline is a popular tourist destination, it has not lost its authentic charm and historic beauty that has attracted both locals and international travellers for hundreds of years.

If you know Italy, you know the Amalfi Coast.

Many people dream of having Amalfi Coast weddings atop this idyllic landscape but don’t know how to make it possible.

Design Anarchy is your ticket to the Amalfi Coast – or Puglia, Venice, even Rome – dream wedding you’ve always wanted. Our experience hosting events in Italy, along with our Italian roots, make us the perfect hosts for a picture-perfect wedding.


weddings in italy


Weddings in Ravello, Capri or Positano?

Design Anarchy is not your typical wedding planning company. Actually, we don’t like the term “company” at all. Instead picture us as an extension of your wedding party, getting to know you, your party and your guests better than maybe even you know yourself. That’s how the best weddings planners stand out.

Through in-depth consultations, lengthy discussions and lots of experimenting, we will find exactly the right fit for you. Down to the smallest detail and the largest demands, we will create an experience that will leave lasting memories.

What does that look like?

  • Luxurious fabrics draped across tables and chairs
  • Flickering candle flames as far as the eye can see
  • Towering tables of the freshest fruits, meats and cheeses that Italy is famous for
  • Cascading crystal chandeliers dangling dramatically from low-hanging limbs of trees
  • Colourful, Moroccan inspired rugs marking your dance floor beneath the stars
  • Traditional, vintage china and silver adorned tables
  • Baskets, vases, hanging planters, buckets… all overflowing with fragrant flowers
  • BOLD colours
  • Sheer curtains flowing delicately in the coastal breeze
  • Pits filled with fire for ambience, heat or to roast treats over
  • Vintage cars adorned with flowers, vines and other fauna to whisk you away in style
  • Dramatic centrepieces combining elements like water, fire and even live greenery
  • Awe-inspiring landscapes that set the most memorable backdrops for your evening

Design Anarchy focuses on the most stylish, the most trendy and, the most unique elements in wedding planning to craft an event unlike any other.

Tradition is a great thing. But we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice what you want and what you love to keep up with traditions that have long been recognized as strict guidelines.

It’s your day. Bend the rules a little.

Luxury weddings in Italy


luxury weddings in italy


Luxury is our trademark. Don’t expect a discount package deal with our services. Instead, expect an expertly designed, uniquely curated event only for the most adventurous.

We cover any elements required to bring the experience to life, including but not limited to: venue scouting, event design, entertainment, catering, activities, transfers, accommodation and supervision.

Because luxury means something different for everyone, we’ve personally searched the globe for the best elements of luxury throughout multiple cultures and even more traditions. No journey is complete for us until we bring home knowledge and souvenirs from our trip abroad to help Design Anarchy be the most complete and the most unique, in Italy and beyond.

Our entire team is made up of international producers and stylists, each with an emphasis on a particular skill that will help your big day go off without any problems at all.

You heard that right; producers and stylists.

We take great pride in our team of experts and value them above the title of “event planner”. Each element of your wedding is as important as the last. No detail is taken independently from another; each small piece comes together to create a day and evening that flow together seamlessly and excite every single guest, each moment.

Luxury, to us, is when all elements come together and nothing is overlooked or outshined by another moment.

Luxury, to us, is when you feel as if your wildest dreams have been exceeded.

Luxury, to us, is a modern and trendy flair on a beautiful, age-old tradition of expressing love.


wedding table


Speaking of love…

If there’s one thing Italians know (besides food), it is love. The Italians are well-recognized for their understanding and emphasis on the beauty of love. Nothing is more sacred.

While many see love as a union between two partners, Design Anarchy is just as concerned with the love between family and friends as well. At your wedding, we want to make sure love is felt between each and every guest as well as the couple being celebrated.

All of your guests should feel overwhelmingly welcomed and embraced by one another, elevating your evening from fun to magnificent and from romantic to enchanting.


wedding decorations


Wedding planner in Amalfi Coast

If you really do need more convincing to contact Design Anarchy for your big day, view their exclusive portfolio of amazing images from past events and watch the promo video online. You’ll be dreaming of Amalfi Coast weddings or weddings in Rome until you can’t take it and get in contact with one of our team today.

We won’t blame you, and can’t wait to hear from you. Contact us now to start experiencing what could be your reality today.




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