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Weddings in Venice

Weddings in Venice have never been more unexpected

weddings in venice


Everyone, at some point, pictures their dream wedding in Venice. Some imagine classic, traditional romance and some imagine something different, something never before seen. If the ladder sounds more like you and your partner, you’ve come to the right place. No matter if you’ve been dreaming of weddings in Venice, weddings in Rome or even an exotic location outside of Italy, Design Anarchy is here to orchestrate the whole thing.

Contact us today to see just how different we are and just how different your wedding will be.


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What better place to host the most important, the most romantic day of your life than in one of the most romantic cities in the world?

Venice is an extremely unique city. With meandering canals that run throughout the city and virtually no cars or trucks, the prefered form of transportation is by boat. In fact, there are no roads at all, making the entire city very quiet compared to other cities of the same size.

The city is built on top of over one hundred small islands, connected via this interwoven network of canals.

Imagine yourself strolling the historic, cobbled streets and barely hearing the roar of an engine, the honk of a car or the screech of tires. It’s as if you were transported back in time, to a time before the fast-paced lifestyle that automobiles have afforded us.

Take on a slower, more relaxed pace than your usual one. Adventure more, reconnect with your loved ones. Take a deep breath and inhale the romance, the peace that is Venice.

The architecture, not to be outdone by other Italian cities, is stunning. With both Renaissance and Gothic buildings along with a central Basilica covered in Byzantine mosaics, it is a history-buffs dream.

Some of the best food, nightlife and tourist attractions are held within Venice. It is by far one of the most exceptional places to have your wedding, in the world.

Getting married in Venice: What to expect? The unexpected

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Venice is not your typical city; so why should your wedding in Venice be typical?

At Design Anarchy, we emphasize the unusual and the bold above everything else. We want to take your average wedding and make it spectacular. To take a romantic evening and help it ooze love. To take a fun dance floor and make it a party that lasts late into the early morning.

There is a difference between weddings in Italy that we orchestrate and another company’s events. For some, our process and products are too much. For others, it’s exactly what they’re looking for and even more.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Once you contact us, you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire that will help us to better understand you, your partner and your family. Answer honestly and completely because this is the first idea we get about the kind of wedding we’ll want to put together for you.
  • After your questionnaire is complete and we have reviewed it, you’ll want to meet us – via Skype or in-person – to discuss your vision at length. This is where we formally determine whether we are a good fit or not to craft your day.
  • At this point, you can be as involved or separated from the planning process as you want. The beauty of our process is the flexibility of it. You will be granted regular, face-to-face consultations with us in London or Amsterdam or, if you prefer, regular calls to make sure we are constantly on vision with what your dream entails.
  • Expect us to get to know you well…really well. Part of our process is a personalized touch so we want to be connected to you and your partner and bring you something that perhaps even you didn’t know you wanted. Don’t be surprised if we surprise you; it’s kind of our thing.


venice weddings


We have discovered secrets from around the world to bring you a luxury wedding experience unlike any other. We’ve travelled near and far, through Bali and through Morocco, to find some of the best wedding trends at any given time.

Then, we bring them to you to become a part of your big day.

If you love the blending of cultures and travelling the world as much as we do, you’ll love what we craft at Design Anarchy for each and every luxury wedding.

Picture this:

  • Richly coloured fabrics laid out for guests to sit, rest or dance on
  • Lanterns swinging softly in the light breeze, dimly lit by candles floating inside them
  • Tables overflowing with fruits, vegetables and charcuterie
  • Blends of trends for unexpected looks, like fine china mixed in with vintage centrepieces or fun accessories to excite your black-tie adorned guests
  • COLOUR. We disagree with the idea that there HAS to be a “colour scheme” at a wedding. If you want one, great! If you don’t, have some fun with it. It’s your day, colour it how you want.
  • Flickering candles that highlight each guests features in delicate, amber light
  • Water taxis in Venice dropping off guests, embracing what the city is known for and showing everyone attending why the city is so special
  • Unique venues: Outdoor spaces overlooking the glistening Mediterranean, high-ceilings with dramatic chandeliers dangling from above, a backdrop of historic and classic architecture, a room fit for a king that very well may have even housed a king…these are just examples of the amazing locations we love to host in

There is something for everyone at a Design Anarchy luxury weddings. Something exciting, something unusual, something that makes you look again.

We love to emphasize the style above everything else. We want your space to not only feel completely you but compliment the surrounding landscape or city perfectly.

Your wedding should be yours and should not be a stress; it should be an adventure, a journey, not just on the big day but all of the days leading up to it. With Design Anarchy it will be!

Have you ever been to Italy and not experienced an adventure? Whether you’ve always loved the idea of weddings in Venice, Rome or somewhere else in Italy or are simply seeking a new adventure, you will never be disappointed deciding to be a part of the Design Anarchy family.

Contact us today and see just how special that family can be.




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